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December 4, 2016-17 Serie A 15th round of a game at the San Siro stadium to start the race, AC Milan sits at home against the "newly promoted" Crotone. 26 minutes, Trotta assists, Verginelli Tuishe broke in front of the door to break the deadlock. The first 41 minutes, Pasalic header netted equalizer. The second half Lapaduola empty doors, Lapa Padula made point, Niang penalty kick was saved, Honda Keisuke off the bench. The first 86 minutes, Lapadu Ladu closed Road, Tuishe succeeded go-ahead score. The end of the whole match, AC Milan 2-1 home victory over Crotone, in the case of the first game in a row beyond the Roman League second place.

The first 14 rounds of Harding Park, AC Milan to 9 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses 29 points record in the standings behind the first 3, the last round of Milan away 4 to 1 victory Empoli, nearly 4 rounds of league 3 wins and 1 level unbeaten . The newly promoted Crotone to 1 wins, 3 draws and 10 losses 6 points bad record for the penultimate League, relegation situation is not optimistic. The campaign Milan striker Baka, midfielder Bonaventura and Matthias - Fernandez injury, replace the Baka played last season Serie B "Golden Boot" Lapaduola to debut.
The game began, Crotone kicked off the first. The first 30 seconds, Tarrotta restricted area low-level ball in the left rib cage was Abarth to intercept. 3 minutes later, Suzo front right-wing road within the cut after a step outside the foot pocket shot, the ball slightly to the left after playing the column. 5 minutes, Lapaduola before the middle of the road to get rid of the formation of single-handedly after the opportunity to be Cecilini back to tackle. 2 minutes later, Sosa restricted area outside the foot volley slightly higher than the beam. The first 9 minutes, Suso midfielder Chuanchang hanging into the restricted area, Niang restricted area outflanking Tongshe missed.
The first 12 minutes, Crotone launched a counterattack, Trota outside the arc at the top of the foot shot low, Donahue Ma firmly hold the ball. 5 minutes later, Marta long-range front door was Dona Rumah Puzhu. The first 18 minutes, Lapaduola restricted the right side of the ball after a slight adjustment, left foot shot by Kodaz confiscated. 1 minute, Su Su restricted area on the right side of the continuous spike to get rid of after the pass to the front, Rossi blocked the ball out of the restricted area, the Lokatelli closed up a kick Tuishe hit high. The first 21 minutes, Niang restricted area outside the plug after the volley over the bar. After 1 minute, Stoian in the restricted area on the right side of the strong volley hit fly.
The first 26 minutes, Crotone instigated counterattack, Martelo front left foot kick pass, Trotta closed area after stopping the ball leaning on the left side of Desilio cross knock, Fallenelli follow-up fell to the ground Tuishe network. Crotone away 1-0 lead!
3 minutes later, Su Suo restricted area on the left forced volley hit high. The first 32 minutes, Abate led the ball into the restricted area after the inverted triangle back pass, Ferrari homeopathic ball clearance. 4 minutes later, Krisetig left front free kick into the restricted area, Donahue Lu attack the ball confiscated. The first 37 minutes, Sosa closed area outside the left side of the Leng Jian arrows shot hit fly. 2 minutes later, Chekelini pick up front left, Dona Luoma attack tackle the ball. The first 41 minutes, Su Suo right corner out, before the point after rubbing the middle of the road Pazhaziqi bent over the header. AC Milan 1-1 match!
After 1 minute, Su Suo shot outside the restricted area was shot down Kodak fell to the ground. Half cruised, AC Milan home 1-1 draw Crotone.
Easy side battles, Milan took the lead in the offensive. 49 minutes, Su Su restricted area on the left side of the biography, Abate in front of the right side leaning in front of the header ferry, Lapaduila door in front of the opportunity to kneel Qiangdian attack in his left hand.
The first 52 minutes, Lapaduola left inside the restricted area was Keli Sidi Ge knocked down, the referee decisive penalty kick. Niang then penalty kick was Kodaz flying saved.
4 minutes later, Roden midfielder put down Sosa received a yellow card. The first 61 minutes, Sosa midfielder shovel turned Krisetig was a yellow card. 2 minutes later, Desilio left bottom pass, Su Suo restricted the right side of the ball is too large out of the bottom line. The first 66 minutes, Paleita restricted area on the right side of the inverted triangle was cut Chelini blocked out of the restricted area. 2 minutes later, Capec closed arc at the top of the strong volley was followed by Dona Luma confiscated. The first 72 minutes, Su Suo right-sided biography was Ferrari header siege out of the bottom line. After 1 minute, Desi Leiao pass to the left in front of the door, Lapaduola header Zhengding goalkeeper foul.
77 minutes, Lokatelli Zhise restricted area, the former plug in the restricted area of ​​Adriano stopping error is back to chase the defender to destroy the bottom line.
82 minutes, Honda Keisuke replaced Niang debut. 2 minutes later, Honda Keisuke outside the restricted area on the left after the sudden conflict with Lapadura. The first 86 minutes, Honda Keisuke positioning ball into the restricted area, fighting in the restricted area of ​​the right foot Tuishe La Pa Tula pull succeeded, AC Milan 2-1 go-ahead!
92 minutes, Krisidi Ge front left free kick out, Donahue Lu attack the ball off.
The end of the whole match, AC Milan 2-1 home victory over Crotone, in the case of the first game in a row beyond the Roman League second place.
AC Milan starting: 99 - Donoluma, 20 - Abate, 29 - Paletta, 13 - Romanioli, 2 - Desilio, 23 - Jose - Sosa (74 minutes 7 - Adria (82 minutes 10 - Honda Keisuke), 11 - Niang (82 minutes 10 - Honda Keisuke), 7 - Lakateli, 80 - Pasalic, 8 -
Crotone starting: 1 - Keda Zi, 22 - Rossi, 17 - Chekelini, 13 - Ferrari, 87 - Marta (75 minutes 31 - Sang Porrisi), 6 - Roden , 8-Krisetig, 28-Capecchi, 29-Trotta, 11-Falcenelli, 12-Stoyan (71 minutes 7-Paladino)
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