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December 5, 2016-2017 season, the Premier League 14th round usher in a focus duel, Manchester United guest Goodison Park stadium to challenge Everton. The first half, Ibrahimovic opened the first record. The second half, Degea successive sent key saves, Herrera's shot hit the column pop. Coleman and Borasier have been injured, Holgate and Enna - Valencia debut. Feleni came off the bench to send lightning point, Baines accurate hit to tie the game. Eventually, the end of the game, Manchester United 1-1 by Everton draw away.

Premier League cruised to 13, Manchester United only 20 points, creating the club in the Premier League's worst start. Everton in the ushered in a good start after the downturn, the recent eight rounds only achieved a victory, the current plot of 19 points, behind Manchester United. Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney in the League Cup due to receive the fifth season of the yellow card, the current round can not play the old master. The two teams in the past had 193 encounters, Manchester United to 85 wins 42 level 66 negative dominant. The two teams last season, a total of three encounters, Manchester united.
Before the game, the two sides for the Pakistani Shapi Koennes air crash victims in silence. The game began, Manchester United take the lead kickoff. The first 8 minutes, Herrera left to pass to the restricted area, the ball was out of the top, Valencia right-sided ball, Bogba left foot kick a long-range hit high. The first 9 minutes, Carrick cross from the left, Muhtarlian collusion sent Zhise, Marchele single goalkeeper reached the restricted area, but offside. The first 10 minutes, Murray peripheral kicker long-range hit fly.
16 minutes, Rojo put the shovel Kuiye received the first yellow card, Everton get the front field positioning ball; 2 minutes later, Miradas surgeon penalty kick to open the restricted area, the left header ferry, Kelai Weili catch up with a foot shot did not play well, the ball was Degea confiscated. The first 20 minutes, the front left, Luka Kok had off Rojo shot was blocked. The first 21 minutes, Everton push forward to fight back, Bola Xiye on the right looking for Lu Kaku in the restricted area, the ball was Phil - Jones header damage.
27 minutes, Everton backcourt sent accurate long pass, Luca library leaning on Rojo turned the ball into the restricted area, Borasier small angle pass to the front, but too fast, Mi Lala Outflanking did not get the ball. The first 29 minutes, Manchester United access to front of the restricted area of ​​the front of the positioning of the ball, Ibrahimovic kick shot directly on the wall in the pop-up. The first 31 minutes, Barry defensive pull pull Muhtaran received a yellow card. 34 minutes, Miradas out Everton before the field positioning the ball inside the restricted area of ​​Barry Zhengding offside.
The first 38 minutes, Manchester United played in the frontcourt with exquisite, Bogba Road Send Zhise to find Mu Xita Liang, Mori back in time to rescue the ball siege. 42 minutes, Everton Road out of the ball mistakes, Manchester United steals the ball sent out by the Mashal long pass, Ibrahimovic face out of the right foot Kent Clenberg, the ball hit the crossbar hit a few after the fall In the goal, even if Murray back to the ball kicked out, but the ball has crossed the line as a whole, the goal is effective, 1-0, Manchester United on the road ahead.
44 minutes, the front left, Manchester United played with a short pass, long-range kicker Shijiazhima Shalen hold.
The end of the first half, Manchester United by virtue of Ibrahimovic's goal in the away 1-0 lead Everton.
Easy side battles, Everton kickoff. 51 minutes, the former right-sided, Valencia returned the ball, Mu Xita good kicker spread to the restricted area, the point Ibrahimovic failed to go to the ball. 53 minutes, the frontier closed area, Lukaku will do a ball, Mi Lala turned to the restricted area of ​​small-angle burst shot was Degea denied. 55 minutes, near the restricted line, Bogabad turned the ball and then left, Marjour was shaking the ball after the kick shot, the ball hit the bottom line after Baines.
The first 56 minutes, Mashal out of Manchester United right-front ball to the restricted area, the ball was top down, Ibrahimovic volley shot after the point was Murray blocking. The first 57 minutes, Bogba pass in the left block, Ma Shale kick the ball kicked high. The first 60 minutes, Ibrahimovic in the middle of the ball out, Bogba to the right, the restricted area in the Mu Xita Liang Akira angle kicker shot was defensive player denied; then Mu Xita Liang robbed the ball back, the card Rick cross from the right, Herrera stop shot hit the post on the pop-up.
63 minutes, Bola Xiye injured fell to the ground, team doctor approach. The first 65 minutes, Everton took the lead substitutions, removed Claivelli, put on De Wu Luo Feu. The first 66 minutes, Marjaller cross from the left, Bogba follow-up header high top. The first 67 minutes, Coleman can not insist on the game, Everton again substitutions, Holgate debut; 1 minute, Bola Xiye also injured by Enna - Valencia replaced. The first 75 minutes, the frontier of the restricted area, Kuiye teammate passing try long-range, Degea threw the ball.
The first 77 minutes, Deau Luo Feiwu out Everton before the field positioning the ball, the restricted area of ​​the Hallgate header Leipzig was out of the bottom line. The first 81 minutes, De Wu Luo Feu right biography, Enna - Valencia in front of the top, Degea the ball flutter to the ground. The first 82 minutes, Manchester United to make personnel adjustments, remove the Marshall, put on Rushford. The first 85 minutes, Manchester United to do staff adjustments, Feleni played for Mu Xi Tara.
The first 87 minutes, the bench debut shortly after the Feilai Ni kicked Kuiye, the referee whistled for a penalty; 1 minute after the Baines surgeon hit a penalty kick, 1-1, Everton will score Equalizer.
The first 90 minutes, the restricted area on the left, Baines was the ball burst shot Dejaia brave block.
Full match up 5 minutes, both sides failed to rewrite the score. Eventually, the end of the game, Manchester United 1-1 by Everton draw away.
Two team appearance lineup:
Everton: 22 - Stoke Bend, 3 - Baines, 5 - Ashley - Williams, 25 - Morrie, 23 - Coleman (67 minutes, Holgate), 18 (65th minute, Deauflovu), 11 - Mirador (18th minute, Enna - Valencia), 15 - Clevelli 10, Lukaku
Manchester United: 1-Degea, 36-Damien, 5-Rojo, 4-Phil Jones, 25-Valencia, 16-Carrick, 21-Herrera, 11- 82 minutes, Rushford), 6 - Bogba, 22 - Mu Xita Li (85 minutes, Feleni), 9 - Ibrahimovic
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