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2016-17 season, the Champions League group C group 6 round of a game in the Nou Camp stadium, Barcelona sits at home against Moenchengladbach. Messi opened the first half record. Turan even into the second half three goals. The end of the match, Barcelona home 4-0 victory over Borussia Monchengladbach, the final group to the first qualifying, Turan three shot a pass.

Last weekend, the national derby, Barcelona lore by Real Madrid equalizer, the gap between the current integral with Real Madrid is still 6 points. As the Champions League has locked the team the first qualifying, the campaign Enrique or will be rotated, put more energy into the league chase points. Players, Messi is expected to break the C-League to maintain the Champions League group goal record, Nei Maer due to accumulated yellow cards will be absent. The two sides clash for the first time, Barca 2-1 reversal of the gate.
After the start of the first half, the two teams into the state are relatively fast. The first 2 minutes, Dennis kicked the corner of the penalty area, Messi header Gongmen top side. After 1 minute, Digny's left cross was defensive player rescue. The first 6 minutes, Mascherano's long pass by Sommer confiscated. Two minutes later, Vidal's biography was broken by a spade. The first 12 minutes, Messi kick straight plug, but Tulane then cross-attack when there is no team outflanking in place.
14 minutes, Dennis Zhise, but Paco has been offside. The first 15 minutes, Messi Zhisai after the break, Turan restricted area on the left inverted triangle back, Messi and then follow Tuishe far corner succeeded, Barcelona 1-0 Moenchengladbach!
The first 17 minutes, Messi turned the restricted area to play the door was Sommel saved. The first 21 minutes, Vidal's right-sided biography was siege, Gomez outside the long-range high beam. The first 24 minutes, Iniesta closed the front of the low shot missed.
26 minutes, Turan Peripheral long-range was Sommer confiscated. The first 30 minutes, Tulane's forward pass or Sommer control. 2 minutes later, Tulane left crossing the ball, Messi leaping header header did not touch the ball. 35 minutes, Javier Mascherano's forward pass by the defensive player block.
39 minutes, Messi's oblique was intercepted. 42 minutes, Digny's left cross was defensive player rescue. After 1 minute, Vidal closed the right triangle inverted knock back, Messi's shot missed. The first 43 minutes, Messi extraordinary after assigned to the right, Dennis and then break through when steals.
The end of the first half, Barcelona 1-0 home lead temporarily Monchengladbach.
The second half easy to side battles, Barcelona launched the first offensive. The first 48 minutes, Gomez midfielder was a long pass to resolve Sommer attack. 49 minutes, Dennis restricted area on the right under the end of the pass, Turan after the point of the header Gongmen network, Barcelona 2-0 Moenchengladbach!
The first 52 minutes, Messi kick straight stopper, Vidal right back to knock, Tulane restricted area within the crack shot, Barcelona 3-0 Moenchengladbach!
57 minutes, Iniesta assigned to the left side of the restricted area, Paco's volley was Sommer confiscated.
61 minutes, Azar kicked a direct free kick direct out of the bottom line. 64 minutes, Azar Tuishe, Jaen broke into the restricted area by Mascherano tackles. 66 minutes, Rafinha forward pass, Paco cross to the right after the point, Tulane follow-up Tuishe break, Barcelona 4-0 Moenchengladbach!
69 minutes, Vidal's right-sided biography was siege.
The first 72 minutes, Digny cross from the left, Messi header within the restricted area was Somel bravely saved. 76 minutes, Mascherano's long pass was defensive player rescue. The first 79 minutes, Dennis' s long pass was confiscated Sommer. After 1 minute, Rafael foot straight plug, Johnson leased West Lysen after the lob shot missed the goal.
82 minutes, Christensen's right-sided biography was Javier Mascherano clearance. 2 minutes later, Dennis left after the break through the defensive player cross damage. 85 minutes, Mascherano's long pass by Sommer confiscated. 2 minutes later, Dennis kicked the corner pass was ejected, Danny outside the long-range also hit high.
The end of the game, Barcelona 4-0 home victory over Borussia Monchengladbach.
Both teams lineup
Barcelona: 13 - West Lysen, 22 - Alex Vidal, 23 - Umuti, 14 - Mascherano, 19 - Dignes, 21 - Andre Gomez, 6 - Dennis Suarez, 8 - Iniesta (59 minutes, 12 - Rafinha), 7 Turan (73 minutes, 29 - Caldona), 10 - Messi, 17 - Paco Alcazar Seoul
Mönchengladbach: 1 - Sommer, 3 - Christensen, 4 - West high, 24 - Young Chek, 30 - Elvidi, 27 - Cobb, 5 - Strobel (58 minutes, 19-Fabian Johnson), 28-Hahn, 10-Solgen Azar (71 minutes), 8-Dahoud (58 minutes, 6-Kramer) , 11-Raphael)
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