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2016-2017 UEFA Champions League group stage final round of war, Arsenal guest to challenge Basel. The first half, Lucas - Perez two dollars alone, Arsenal two goals ahead. The second half, Lucas - Perez completed the hat-trick, Ivo than also scored a goal, Sanchez free kick hit the crossbar, Arsenal four-ball lead. Substitute for the debut of the ball scored a goal, Basel pulled one back. Eventually, the whole game ended, Arsenal 4-1 away victory over Basel. As the 2-2 draw at home in Paris, Lorenz Gorez, Arsenal after a lapse of five years and then the group first.

Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain is now the same score, but because the results of the match as the other side of Paris away more goals. This round, if the home win over Lourgo Gore in Paris, Arsenal is certainly the group second. But Arsenal in the away win over Basel is not easy, in the past three home games against the Premier League team, Basel beat Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. The two teams in the Champions League only once confrontation, the first leg of the season, when Arsenal at home to 2-0 win over Basel. Arsenal in the Champions League have been five games against the Swiss team, maintained a five war victory.
The game began, Basel, the first tee. 5 minutes, Ramsay shot outside the area to try to be shot back by the defender blocked the bottom line. 8 minutes, Ozil left the ball instigated attack, Sanchez turned to pick the ball to the restricted area, Gibbs left the next pass, Lucas - Perez in front of Tuishe Kongmen succeeded, 1-0, Arsenal lead. The first 10 minutes, Basel hit back, Janko header before the restricted area ferry, Tiye to keep up with the defensive player was denied shot.
11 minutes, Steffen Road, the ball, Delgado header was Ospina with a fingertip touch, followed by Yang Branch blank range break, but the offside in the advanced ball is invalid.
16 minutes, the left side of the restricted area, Gibbs kicker shot, Wakelike net smash sell, Lucas - Perez blank range break, 2-0, Arsenal to expand the lead.
19 minutes, before the middle of the road, Delgado low ball assigned to the left, Traore fired kick shot a little missed. The first 25 minutes, Yvon than sent out Zhise, restricted area on the right side of Sanchez kicker shot was Wackerick denied. 26 minutes, Traore left foot kick into the ball, the ball slightly wide of the far post. The first 33 minutes, Basel fired front right-sided positioning the ball, Yang Division restricted area header header, Ospina attack hit the ball. 36 minutes, Gibbs uprooting Steffen received a yellow card.
The first 37 minutes, the former right-sided, Delgado sent Zhise to the restricted area, Tiye did not pass his teammate on the right pass, the ball directly out of the sideline. 40 minutes, Basel midfielder steals, Delgado assigned to the right, Stefan left foot after the cut inside shot, Ospina net smash sell off, and then get the ball again. 43 minutes, Basel played in the restricted area with the other, Lang in the ball from the right, Delgado nodded the ball slightly higher than the former Gongmen.
The end of the first half, Arsenal 2-0 away lead in Basel.
Easy side battles, Arsenal kick-off. 47 minutes, Arsenal midfielder steals, Ozil Road, the ball, Sanchez touched after a bit to the restricted area, Lucas - Perez had the ball shot, Wakelick touched or failed to change the goal, 3-0, Arsenal continue to expand on the road ahead.
The first 48 minutes, Steffen long-range outside the beam above. The first 50 minutes, Basel left out tactical corner, Janko header Gongmen top. 54 minutes, the restricted area in the left, Ozil stopped to the bottom line, then draw down the defensive back triangle to do, the middle of the Ivo than keep up with an empty door succeeded, 4-0, Arsenal continue to expand the lead.
62 minutes, Basel out of the middle of the ball to the restricted area, after several passes after being blocked to the periphery, Tee kicker, Ossina firmly get the ball. The first 64 minutes, Basel out the right-sided corner to the frontier of the box, Toulante - Zacha volley shot hit high. The first 65 minutes, Barranca foul received a yellow card, also sent to Arsenal before the field positioning the ball; 2 minutes later, Sanchez shot a direct shot, the ball hit the crossbar pop, Gabriel blank range was Wakelik confiscated.
67 minutes, Ozil inside the restricted area of ​​the ball a button and then shot, the ball was defensive player denied. 69 minutes, Arsenal removed Sanchez, put on Ernini. 70 minutes, Arsenal removed Ramsey, put on Giroux. The first 73 minutes, the restricted area in the left, just off the bench Jirou follow-up shot did not play well. The first 74 minutes, Arsenal last substitution, Walcott played for Ozil. The first 75 minutes, Stefan Peripheral long-range was Ostina firmly get.
The first 78 minutes, the front right on the road, and the middle of the road for the success of the Department of Yang Ke had a wall with the middle of the restricted area in the middle of the ball again, then from the right foot outside the instep rub shot into the ball 1- 4, Basel regain a way.
The first 83 minutes, Basel cross from the left, Janko header inside the restricted area, the ball hit the bottom of the body out of Holding. The first 85 minutes, Arsenal Road sent Zhise, Walcott kicker shot in the restricted area, the ball was defensive player denied the bottom line. 89 minutes, Steffen injured, but has no place for substitutions, and can only be on the sidelines for treatment.
Eventually, the whole game ended, Arsenal 4-1 away victory over Basel.
Two team appearance lineup:
Basel: 1-Waklik, 5-Michel-Ron, 17-Sousse, 23-Balanta, 3-A-Traore, 6-Thiers (74th minute, Zuffy), 34 - Dorado (55 minutes, Dumbia), 11 - Stefan, 21 - Janco
Arsenal: 13 - Ospina, Gibbs, 6 - Kos Czerny, 16 - Holding, 5 - Gabriel, 29 - Zacha, 8 - Ramsay (70 minutes, Luis Perez, 17 - Yvonby, 7 - Sanchez (69 minutes, Ernai Ni), 11 - Ozil (74 minutes, Walcott)
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