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16-17 season, the Champions League final round, Real Madrid at home against Dort, and ultimately after 90 minutes of Guild Wars Real Madrid in the case of two goals ahead of rivals 2-2 draw. Throughout the game, the start phase of the multi-restricted more effective Real Madrid scored two goals after the defensive line of God to take the opponent pulled back a ball, and more special left-sided defense was off the hook compared to the left side of the game Real Madrid Line of defense has become the other hardest hit. Real Madrid to win the initiative but failed to win the case, the group second for Real Madrid is a more eager ending.

[Starting lineup]
Real Madrid: Navas / Ramos, Maranello, Marcelo, Carvajal / Modric (62 'Cross), Casemiro, Jero, Vazquez / Horse (85 'Morata)
Dortmund: Weidenfeller / Schmelzer, Pieschek, Papastathopoulos, Batra / Castro (81 'Rhodes), Hueller (61' Royce), Wegel, Pulicic (61 'Moore) / Obama Mayan, Little Debray
In this game both sides are based on 442 formation attack, Real Madrid Casemiro in injury recovery after the first episode, J Luo also ushered in the race to prove his rare opportunity. Prior to this many times to Real Madrid love Obama Meiyan in Bernabeu transmission meritorious deeds, such performance be regarded as in front of Real Madrid fans proved himself.
[More special advance into a dilemma, loosely into the left side of Real Madrid Paradise]
Midfield has always been an important battle for the two sides battle the battlefield in the first half of the Real Madrid midfielder for the more urgent, in Wegel behind the protection of the case of Modric constant pressure to limit the Castel Luo, while the left side of the Xuerle hold the wing does not participate in the basic offensive situation to let more special lost the ball right. Helpless under Dumbleday frequent retracement in the unreasonable catch and take place before the lack of force to suppress the Real Madrid unbridled on the grab, in the defense Xuerle basic retracement of the situation also created a Ka Wo Hal on the right and frequent teammates get the opportunity to pass in space. Halftime 1-0 results reasonable.
Figure 1: Weigel as a single lumbar to sort out, but Real Madrid in the position of defense not only have high closing down, as well as in the recovery of midfield for more special ball limit stations. The figure can clearly see in the Castro and retracement of the Beverly side have Real Madrid players with the anti-restrictions, the picture of the top of the Prichy and not in the picture of Huoerle hold the basic wing Not involved in combing advance. Wei Geer face Real Madrid split station defense, basically no way out of the ball line.
Before and after the midfield out of more than half of the first half of the game caused by the passive situation in the first 30 minutes, this passive situation after the team lost the ball for self-correction, Deng Beilei moves began to reasonable, gradually to Real Madrid waist Of the position to walk, Castro to give up on the grab start Modrici more retracement involved in combing, so Dott began to gradually get the opportunity.
Figure 2: Castro began to retracement involved in combing and advancing, Denver's movement is more reasonable, through the effective running of the Zhisai created opportunities.
Dortmund is a running excellent team in the defensive end of the closing down for each other's very tough limit, but the Real Madrid midfielder in the case of many midfield in the game they grab a lot of time by the winger Back to the defense is not in place to create a partial vacuum.
And after the start of the game using technology-based midfielder to control the advantages of frequent opportunities to create opportunities to play behind the tactics, compared to many times before the plug in the C-poor results in the case of Real Madrid began to seek offensive wing space utilization.
Figure 3: Limit multi-propulsion, the use of Castro limited retreat to advance the case of aggressive steals on the ball, and then counterattack to create a threat.
Figure 4: the use of special midfielder closed down under the limits of Xu Erle defensive position for behind the fill position errors to blow. On the map is the Real Madrid wing attack, when the Cavaliers front ball into the case, when the front-back into the pressure when the protection for the behind the protection of Xu Erle very bad, so Real Madrid eventually gained a chance to form a gap Scored a blow.
The entire first half or even the second half early in the game, Real Madrid attack on the right is very active, Kawahar won the game after Benzema's high score is his outstanding performance interpretation.
[Real Madrid to seek counter-attack is a double-edged sword, more special to win the space to correct the explosion burst Marcelo equalizer]
In the second half of the game, Zizu's tactics began to hold back to tilt, to seek rapid sidewalks to the middle of the combing means continue to nuisance more special line of defense. But this time Real Madrid 442 formation in the case of recovery gave more special peripheral ball players created a comfortable ball space, more special first goal is to benefit from the use of this space. And Tu Herr self-correcting for the poor performance of the game after Xuerle, began to use J Luo in the defensive end of the weak protection of the state of the downturn Marcelo to crack down on Real Madrid left attack in one fell swoop .
Figure 5: After the lead to seek a quick counterattack, the use of the game's outstanding performance J Luo received assistance, the two become the Marcelo and Vazquez are pulling to the middle of the C Luo manufacturing catch space. But the state of the game C Lo is not too good.
Figure 6: Marcelo behind the front line to suppress the front insert to suppress the income of the edge of the avant-garde Prisic, so the left side of the ball J Luo can get the ball in the interference level is not the case to find the previously identified in the tactical After the point: Benzema and C Lo.
2-0 lead under the Real Madrid defense appeared inattention, and more special corrections in full of resilience in the final equalization of the score.
Figure 7: 2-0 lead in the case of inattention, Marcelo behind the line of defense caused by making offside mistakes were more quickly recover a point.
In the second half of the game, Dort started to focus on the Marcelo guard left side of the storm, using his substantial assists behind the gap in the lack of protection against the situation.
Figure 8: Dott the second half began to strengthen the Marcello side of the restrictions, the use of his assists back up against the formation of the space is not very positive targeted attack.
Figure 9: Dott eventually equalized the attack is still Marcelo behind the gap.
This was originally about a group of important duel, but because of the promotion of the other groups of the situation so that the advance of the two sides have more thoughts. Real Madrid after the opening closing down after the break completely more than the link between the front, in a row trying to hit the ball behind the poor after the start of more special left attack storm, the harvest effect of the situation the second half Real Madrid defense moderate Recovery caused more special can gradually control the ball right to storm the gap in the line of defense after the leading edge and Marcelo this side of the huge loophole finally let the team lost the victory.
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