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UEFA Cup Manchester United have been promoted this week, the Premier League, they will be in the dream theater against Tottenham. Before the game, Mourinho accepted the authority of the British media "Sky Sports" exclusive interview, the following is the exclusive translation of the full text.

The current Premier League standings, Manchester United 6 points behind Spurs, ranked sixth, the game is a great opportunity to narrow the gap Manchester United. Before the game, "Sky Sports" reporter Geoff Shreeve Mourinho conducted an exclusive interview, talking about the past 14 Premier League games and the next outlook, Q on behalf of the problem, A representative replied.
Q: European Union Cup promotion will help you all the way in the Premiership triumph?
A: I do not think it matters, it's two separate events. We need to look at the difference, but in the Premier League we played well, so I want to continue a high standard of competition.
Q: Are you very depressed? The results are not as good as the desired results.
A: I am happy with every step of the team's growth, I just took over the team and now the team compared to the obvious change, I am very happy to see this change, I will, as always, : When you play very well, you will expect a good come as scheduled, so I will not have any confusion, I just harbor a beautiful vision.
A: In the end how good results will come? Do you feel that way. The goalkeeper to become the best audience, the other to resolve the attack again and again, you will be confused?
Q: If you just look at the championship, you will feel a lot of teams will be better than us, but I think this is not fair, I think we deserve more points. I think our team is not inferior, a lot of the game should be winning is the final draw, we deserve more victories. If all those draws are won, you will find that we are a strong contender for the Premier League and you will find us at least the top three or the top four. So I will feel a little unfair, but everything has long been doomed, we only continue to work hard.
Q: Does the integral gap make you sleep?
A: I will not worry too much, I believe the team's growth, I believe the strength of the team, I believe the player's ability, the outcome, we will wait and see.
Q: Which aspects of the team will make you happy?
A: control, the beauty of the scene, as well as the quality of competition and ornamental, which we are pursuing. We are not just a bus and then wait for the opponent to make mistakes in the team, I know how to build the team. I have pursued pragmatism is not the team's goal, this is not the club owner and the fans can accept the football style, this is not my own vision, so we will be in good football on the road unswervingly go .
Q: In the reconstruction of the team, you expect from what aspects to start.
A: The quality of our game and the manner in which the offense is organized are what I am most concerned about and expect to improve. Progress in the process is also good, the results in the game, I can accept different results, I will accept different styles of the team. I used to get used to a 1-0 team, a team that does not need too much control, but it's a very effective team. " But there are some teams under the strength of our league rankings before us, it really makes me feel a little disappointed, they have more points than we have.
Q: You will be confident that the team can later reverse the decline it?
A: Fully convinced.
Q: Will it be very fast?
A: I do not know, maybe this weekend, we need to score more goals than the opponent is so simple, before many of our team strength on them, we play better than they have, we have Possession, we can better control the game. But we need to create more scoring opportunities, but we have not done. Even if we sometimes lose the ball in a completely unpredictable situation, if the game against Everton before and yesterday's UEFA Cup game will find, Herrera hit the crossbar, if he scored will be 2 to 0 . Yesterday, Ibrahimovic scored goals, the result becomes a 2 to 0, with a score of 2 to 0, there will not be the last moment to tie the game or lose out of the situation, the details of the success or failure of yesterday's team Performance is very good.
Q: As a coach, will you encourage the players to move forward, if, as you said, as the result, the results will be quietly to?
A: Of course, we sometimes have a bad performance, the team is not good, it will be a very difficult time, because you determine what you want, you will doubt everything, you need a lot of problems to be resolved. You will ask yourself whether this road is feasible, you will ask yourself if you need to change to get good results, because better performance will lead to better results. This one level will be quite easy, because we can be distracted. Our organization, we have a good process, the players are satisfied with our way of playing, I believe what they are doing will bring wonderful feelings, it will be very easy to harvest good results.
Q: You will give players the release of pressure?
A: Yes, I always will comfort the players, I think this is very important, but there is more important than this is that you have to understand what they need to give them. More effort, more focus, fewer mistakes Mistakes are important, because we are often penalized for mistakes, so we need to reduce the number of mistakes.
Q: Do you have to win against Tottenham to regain power?
A: We beat them, but unbeaten is also an important part of reviving confidence, perhaps the confidence of the team based on the strength of each other on top of each other if we believe so, then we will come up with more than the opponent Good performance, it is clear that there are many ways to harvest confidence, if we play better, get three points, of course, this will be the best way to build self-confidence.
Q: What about the game against Tottenham?
A: This will be a very difficult game, their strength can not be underestimated. Maybe they will be the only team in recent weeks that will not let us dominate the whole game, because in the past few weeks the other party accustomed to our ball, I think Tottenham will dare to attack. They played a good way, hope to lead the game. I think against Chelsea in the first half, they made a phenomenal performance, they are really a good team.
Q: Tottenham's performance is inseparable from the coach Boqie Tienuo?
A: Borcettino is an excellent coach, he knows what he wants, his position in the club is very solid, he hopes to start to build a team that can play for many years. Good coaches plus good players usually make good teams.
Q: Do you have this feeling in your heart, this game can not be lost, we can not expand the integral gap?
A: This is football, we will come up with the best performance, make the greatest efforts. Yesterday we began to prepare for 4 am, today we start at 10 am the final preparations, and this is what we can do, usually victory goddess will go to those who exhaust all the courage to go forward, and we are such people.
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