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English Premier League 15th round, Chelsea sits at home against Stamford Bridge West Brown. 76 minutes, Fabregas assists, Costa small-angle volley break break deadlock, eventually, Chelsea 1-0 victory over West Bromwich, made the league nine-game winning streak at the same time lead the standings.

If the current round to win West Bromwich at home, Chelsea will usher in the league's nine-game winning streak, the Blues last season in a single league to win nine straight, or nearly 10 years ago, the 2006-07 season. Since September 1978, Chelsea have been at home with West Brom had a total of 13 encounters, the Blues record is 10 wins, three draws unbeaten. However, West Brom is also quite good recently, since October 29 at home 0-4 loss to Manchester City, the team in the last 4 rounds of league 3 wins and 1 level unbeaten. West Brom before 14 after 20 points in the league in seventh place.
6 minutes later, West Brom front attack, Brent knocked back Phillips, Phillips closed the front of the box and turned around, the ball was closed, Hit the door, the ball above the bar; the first 12 minutes, Costa left the ball suddenly inverted triangle back to the bottom line, McCaw fell to the ground sweep out the ball; 4 minutes later, Azar breakthrough cross, Tower back to do, Azar cross cut low shot, the ball was Foster confiscated.
The first 18 minutes, Brent frontcourt fast forward, right Akira open defensive player, closed the front door, missed the left column; 26 minutes, Longdong Neiqie breakthrough, restricted area in the face of Lewis, , Direct shot, the ball just wide; 2 minutes later, Pedro Straight Costa, Costa back to do, Kanter Road to keep up with long-range welcome, the ball hit the bottom of the reflection after the Macaulay missed.
5 minutes later, Chelsea left corner out, Costa Zheng Zhengding failed to rub the ball; the first 40 minutes, Chelsea won the left side of the road, Chelsea won the first half of the free kick, Free kick, Louis hit the door was Foster fell to the ground confiscated.
Half cruised, Chelsea 0-0 provisional West Brom.
Easy side battles, the first 50 minutes, Chelsea out front free kick, Louis Zheng Zheng offside first; 4 minutes later, Fletcher arc top ball, to the right Brent, Brent pass was Kurtuva confiscated; the first 59 minutes, Costa and Dawson collided fell to the ground, Chelsea get a good position in the middle of the free kick, Louis kick, the ball slightly behind the bottom line; 3 minutes later, Chelsea took the lead Substitution adjustment, with William replaced Pedro.
The first 64 minutes, West Brom front left-sided steals, Phillips biography, Kuertuowa ball confiscated; 5 minutes later, William on the right side of the ball cross knock to the middle of Matic, Matic hit the door wide Bottom line; the first 73 minutes, William on the right-sided hit the door, the ball missed the bottom line; 1 minute later, Fabregas played for Moses; 2 minutes later, Chelsea right corner kicked into the restricted area, the ball was Foster confiscated .
The first 76 minutes, Chelsea counterattack, Fabregas after the field to pick the biography, Costa breakthrough to the right side of the ball, carrying a small angle defensive player network. Chelsea 1-0 lead West Brom Buy Cheap FIFA 17 Coins for Sale, No.1 FIFA 17 Points Store - XFIFA.COM. The first 82 minutes, Chelsea long pass, Costa offside offside; 4 minutes later, William cross knock Road, Alonso sudden Shi Leng Jian, the ball higher.
The end of the audience, Chelsea 1-0 win over West Bromwich, made the league nine straight.
Chelsea, 13-Coulter, 28-Aspir Quetta, 24-Cahill, 30-Luis, 15-Moses (73 '4- Cesc Fabregas) Mardić, 3- Alonso; 11-Pedro (63 '22 - William), 19 - Diego - Costa, 10 - Azar (78' 2 - Ivanovic)
West Brom Lineup: 1 - Foster; 25 - Dawson, 23 - Macaulay, 6 - Evans, 2 - Nyon; 5 - Jacob, 24 - Fletcher, 11 - Brent 7 'Morrison (78' 22 - Shadley), 10 - Phillips (77 '14 - Macklin); 9 -
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