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2016-2017 Serie A season 16 ushered in the Turin Derby, Juventus guest challenges Turin. The first half, Basile assists Belloti broke, Turin home to break the deadlock. Manjukic assists Higuain volley meritorious deeds, Juventus away equalizer. The second half, Higuain scored a second goal scored twice. Time-out stage, the bench debut of the Pianiqi blank range break, Juve to seal the victory. Eventually, the whole game ended, Juventus 3-1 away in Turin, to break the opponent's unbeaten at home.

At present, Serie A cruised to strike 15, Juventus plot with 36 points topped the list; and Turin is plot 25 points ranked seventh. Turin Derby has been played in 193 games, Juve to 83 wins, 54 level 56 negative dominant. Which in the Serie A games on the battle there are 142 times, Juventus to 66 wins 41 level 35 negative equally dominant. The two sides clash in the last 21 times, Turin, only to obtain a victory. Last season, Juventus in the league and the Italian Cup three times to face Turin to win: League home 2-1, away 4-1, Italy cup 4-0. It is worth mentioning that, Turin this season so far home (7 wins, 2 draws) remain undefeated.
The game began, Turin, the first tee. 5 minutes, the former right-sided, Manjukic strong ball suddenly, but the ball out of the bottom line. The first 7 minutes, Manjukic after the break in the right to choose to pass back, outflanking Stolara Road, the ground did not hit the ball. 12 minutes, Quadrado on the right to pass in front of Manjukic leaning over header header Gongmen out. The first 13 minutes, outside the arc at the top of the restricted area, Yi Yaqi kicker volley hit him in Chiellini pop. The first 14 minutes, Sandro left to pick the biography, Higuain and then assigned to the restricted area, Manzu Kiki kicker hit the door, Hart set off the ball, then the ball was defensive players out of destruction.
The first 16 minutes, Basile right-sided pass to the door in the end, Belloti Qiangdian header Gongmen, the ball into the, 1-0, Turin home made the lead.
The first 18 minutes, Sandro was a ball to do, the top of the arc at the top of the restricted area Higuain volley was Hart clinging. The first 20 minutes, Sapa Costa in the restricted area to try long-range missed. The first 22 minutes, Barca left out in the frontcourt off Cuadela, followed by kicker pass directly out of the bottom line. The first 24 minutes, Quadrado cross from the right, Stu Laluo in the restricted area on the left side of the ball and then points, Marchisio keep up with the shot hit high.
The first 28 minutes, from Quadrado front of the steals, Manjukic the ball cross knock to Higuain, Higuain reached the restricted area to face Hart kicker shot, the ball into the 1-1, Juventus in the road to tie the game.
The first 34 minutes, Castan down Manjukic received the first yellow card. 36 minutes, Manzukic behind the tackle was blown foul yellow. The first 37 minutes, Turin out of the field before the middle of the ball direct shot, the ball to the restricted area after Buffon confiscated. The first 40 minutes, Sandro injured in the scraping fell to the ground, the team doctor for treatment, but fortunately no serious illness.
The end of the first half, the two sides into a ball into a 1-1 battle.
Easy side battles, Juve tee. The first 46 minutes, Marchisio pick spread to the restricted area, the two sides Zhengding top, Stu Rhodes ball volley missed. The first 48 minutes, Juventus sent in the left-sided biography, Hedi La inserted into the restricted area before the header wide of the bottom line. The first 50 minutes, the front right corner of the restricted area, Quadrado stop the ball and then sub-points, Higuain shot was blocked out. 51 minutes, Waldi Fiori Road pick the ball forward, Basile plug kicker shot by Buffon confiscated.
53 minutes, Falcou right-sided mass in the restricted area, the two sides Zhengding off, Buffon fist ball hit. 56 minutes, Lugani defending fouls received a yellow card; 2 minutes later, Li Yaqi out of the restricted area on the left side of Turin positioned the ball to the front of the header by Manjukic siege. 60 minutes, Turin out of the tactical positioning ball, Falcou right under the end of the pass, Belloti shot was denied, then Benazy missed a missed shot.
The first 63 minutes, Hedi La fast sent out in the middle Zhise, Higuain in the restricted area where the ball offside. The first 67 minutes, Juventus lead substitutions, Lemina played for Stuttler. The first 71 minutes, Juve again substitutions, Di Bala played for Manjukic. The first 73 minutes, Turin right-sided cross-cutting to the left of the restricted area, Li Yaqi reached the restricted area pocket shot far corner missed. The first 78 minutes, Juventus launched a counterattack, Chiellini sent out in the middle of accurate Zhise, Higuain left foot slightly adjusted to make a long-range shot.
The first 81 minutes, Turin continuous substitutions, remove Basile, Benazy and Falco, put Aqwa, Boyer and J-Martinez. Juventus also do staff adjustment, Pia Nicki replaced Quadrado.
The first 82 minutes, Chiellini long pass assists, Higuain closed the ball in the restricted area turned and shot at one go, the ball crashed into the network, Hart also helpless, 2-1, Juventus go-ahead score.
The first 89 minutes, Juve's golden opportunity, Di Bala right-sided pass sent to the restricted area, Higuain to keep up with the shot pushed up.
Full match 4 minutes, 3 minutes, substitute Pianiqi blank range break, Hart failed to change the two consecutive saves to score, Juventus will freeze the score to 3-1.
Eventually, the whole game ended, Juventus 3-1 away in Turin, to break the opponent's unbeaten at home.
Two team appearance lineup:
Torres: 21 - Hart, 7 - Zamba Costa, 13 - Rossettini, 4 - Kastan, 23 - Barca, 15 - Benessi (82 minutes, Boye), 18 - Valdi (82nd minute, J-Martinez), 10-Li Yaqi, 9-Bellotti (the first eight minutes)
Juventus: 1 - Buffon, 12 - Alex - Sandro, 3 - Chiellini, 24 - Lugani, 26 - Li Shi Steiner, 27 - Stellaro (the first 67 minutes , Lemina), 8-Marchisio, 6-Hedi La, 7-Quadrado (82 minutes, Pianic), 9-Higuain, 17-Manjukic (71 minutes , Di Bala)
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