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2016-17 season Premier League 16th round of a game at the Selhurst Park stadium, Manchester United away to challenge the Crystal Palace. The first half Borgba to break the deadlock. Second half MacArthur equalized, Ibrahimovic lore. The end of the game, Manchester United 2-1 away Lectra Crystal Palace. Red Devils made two straight league, Borgba transmission, Bailey back injury. The standings, Manchester United 27 points still ranked sixth.

Manchester United recent state has rebounded, the current gap with the top four points have been reduced to 6 points, Mourinho's team looks forward to continuing this momentum. Players, the last round scored the winning goal of the Mu Xita Liang will be sidelined, and in the case of a two-week race, Ibrahimovic and Carrick and other veteran physical or into a big test, Valencia will be yellow card Race. The two sides league nearly 6 encounters, Manchester United 5 wins and 1 level unbeaten.
After the start of the first half, the two teams into the state are relatively fast. The first minute, Jones field after the long pass by defensive player damage. 4 minutes, Mata cross from the right, Wayne Rooney's header Gongmen the top. The first 8 minutes, Ibrahimovic breakthrough after the grab shot was Hennessy confiscated. The first 12 minutes, Borgba long-range outside the beam above the beam.
The first 14 minutes, Blind's cross from the left was siege. After 1 minute, Mata bottom pass, Herrera follow up the pad shot high. The first 17 minutes, Ibrahimovic failed to find Rooney. One minute later, Bogba's oblique pass was confiscated by Hennessy. The first 22 minutes, Bailey on the right side of the cross was Kaba Yelie shovel interception.
The first 25 minutes, Blind's left cross was blocked by defensive players. The first 29 minutes, Rooney's Zhise was the first to confiscate Hennessy. Two minutes later, Kelly's pass was cleared. The first 32 minutes. Ward's oblique was Degea control. 2 minutes later, Kabaye kick free kick passing Borgba top. The first 35 minutes, Ibrahimovic outside the door hit the door after refraction of the column.
The first 36 minutes, Bogba pick to the restricted area, Rooney turned the shot was saved by Hennessy. 2 minutes later, Kabaye kick free kick pass, MacArthur point of the paddle shot missed. The first 41 minutes, Carrick long pass, Borgba restricted area on the left volley was saved by Hennessy. 2 minutes later, Bogba's long came the bottom line. The first 46 minutes, Mata free kick reached the penalty area, Zlatan Ibrahimovic chest to stop, Bogba in front of the Tuishe succeeded, Crystal Palace 0-1 Manchester United!
The end of the first half, Manchester United 1-0 temporary temporary Palace away.
The second half easy to side battles, Crystal Palace took the lead in offensive. The first 45 minutes, Ledley's long-range outside missed the goal. The first 50 minutes, Carrick's straight plug out of the bottom line. 51 minutes, thanks to injury leave. The first 55 minutes, Blind's left cross was blocked by defensive players. 57 minutes, Ibrahimovic kick the free kick missed.
59 minutes, Carrick's long-range transfer was the last Hennessy control. 2 minutes later, Ward's cross from the left was siege. The first 61 minutes, MacArthur peripheral cold shot was Degea saved. 1 minute, Dann restricted area of ​​the header was Degea confiscated. The first 65 minutes, Ward broke through the cross, Delaney heel knock, MacArthur after the plug to the restricted area low shot near-net, Crystal Palace 1-1 Manchester United!
The first 67 minutes, Rooney outside the door was saved by Hennessy saved. The first 68 minutes, Ledley handball foul within the restricted area, but the referee did not express.
69 minutes, Roho header ferry, Mata push Shooting Kongmen succeeded, but the referee whistled offside in the advanced ball is invalid.
The first 73 minutes, Damian right-sided mass, Rooney follow-up to play the door is not playing parts. The first 77 minutes, Wayne Rooney kicked the corner of the penalty area, Rojo's header Gongmen out of the column. 1 minute, Ibrahimovic foot straight plug, Linda close shot by Hennessy saved.
The first 85 minutes, Ibrahimovic restricted area on the left side of the door was blocked by defensive players. The first 87 minutes, Bogba foot straight Zhise, Ibrahimovic restricted the left side of the small-angle shovel shot, Crystal Palace 1-2 Manchester United!
91 minutes, Rushford's breakthrough was Kelly damage.
The end of the game, Manchester United 2-1 away Crystal Palace.
Both teams lineup
Crystal Palace: 13 - Hennessy, 34 - Kelly, 27 - Delaney, 6 - Dane, 2 - Ward, 4 - Flamini (45 minutes, 16 - Ledley), 18 - MacArthur 9-Campbell), 7-Cabaye, 14-Li Qinglong (79 minutes, 19-Fryers), 11-Zaha, 17-Bentec
Manchester United: 1-Degea, 17-Blind, 5-Rojo, 4-Phil Jones, 3-Bailey (51 minutes, 36-Damian), 16-Carrick, 21-Egypt 10-Wayne Rooney (79 minutes, 19-Rushford), 6-Bugba, 8-Mata (70 minutes, 14-Lingard), 9-Ibrahimovic
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