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English Premier League 16th round, Manchester City vs. Waterford. The first half of Debreu assists Saba Leita break, Pereira and Jingdong have been back injury, the second half of Sterling shot in the beam, Stirling assists Silva break victory, Manchester City 2-0 win over Wales Telford.

Manchester City was Chelsea and Leicester defeated consecutive two-game losing streak, the standings have been behind Chelsea 7 points. Manchester City needed to stop with a victory tide. On the last round of poor performance of the Stones was on the bench, Otamendi starting. Asia and Asia - Toure also get the first opportunity. Stirling back starting.
The first half began, Watford took the lead kickoff. 1 minute, Debreuen cross from the left, Prodel the ball siege. 2 minutes, the right line of the bottom line of Amr ibrahim, the first point Toure header siege, restricted area outside Kapu volley hit the door wide. 6 minutes, De Brouen pass in the right block. 7 minutes, Stirling restricted area on the right-sided inverted triangle pass, DeBaulou directly hit the door from the door Gomez sideways saved.
9 minutes, Peres restricted area long-range goalkeeper confiscated by the goalkeeper. 10 minutes, Kolarov cross from the left, Nuoli Lituo shakes off the door. 12 minutes, De Broun restricted area on the left side of the low level was Prodel siege. 18 minutes, Krishna left triangular cross was rescued. 21 minutes, De Braun Zhisai restricted area, Nolito restricted area of ​​the left side of the small angle Tongshe Gomez block out the bottom line. 23 minutes, Silva front left cross in front, Gomez the ball confiscated. 28 minutes, Stirling restricted area on the right cross, Prodel off the ball.
39 minutes, Pereira was Zuni Jia replaced because of injury. 32 minutes, Debreuer cross from the left, after the point of right-foot volley Sa Barrett scored, Manchester City 1-0 Waterford.
36 minutes, Stirling restricted area in front of the right-sided rubbing passerby confiscated. 38 minutes, De Brouen inside the restricted area hit the left door was goalkeeper clinging. 40 minutes, DeBaulou restricted area on the right side of the ball into the restricted area was Eagle Harlow header clearance. 41 minutes, Toure restricted area arc top shot higher. 43 minutes, Jingdong was replaced by Fernando because of injury. 45 minutes, Yang Mate right-sided bottom line pass, Fernando the ball siege.
The end of the first half, Debreu assists Sabaleta break, Peres and Jingdong have been replaced due to injury, Manchester City 1-0 lead Waterford.
The second half began, Manchester City in the circle kick-off. 47 minutes, Sterling on the right cross was siege. 48 minutes, Debu restricted area arc top hit the door was blocked out of the bottom line. Debreuen right-sided cross-line, Gomez saved the ball. 55 minutes, DeBauluo restricted area on the right side of the restricted area swept the restricted area of ​​the arc was the rescue. Left inside the restricted area Tuoluotuo Tuo was Hollai Wasi denied. 56 minutes, Sterling restricted area arc top left foot shot hit the crossbar pop.
63 minutes, Quidiola before the middle of the road set the ball shot hit the ball fly. 69 minutes, Silva restricted area outside the restricted area on the right into the restricted area, the former point was header rescue. 75 minutes, Holevas front-court left-sided ball into the restricted area, Bristol header a, Kapu Yi volley hit the door was Bravo saved. 79 minutes, De Braun front right-sided ball into the restricted area, the ball pop-up restricted area. 80 minutes, Nuolituo replaced by Navas.
80 minutes, the right-sided 45-degree pass in the Amur Bhat, Ignatius halo to keep up with Tui play fly. 85 minutes, Stirling cross from the left inside the restricted area, Silva break to seal the victory, Manchester City 2-0 Watford.
89 minutes, Holevas right corner into the restricted area, the former Krishna header siege. 93 minutes, Silva restricted area hit the left gate was Gomez fell to the ground to save.
The end of the game, the first half of Debreuer assists Saba Leita break, Pereira and Jingdong have been back injury, the second half of Sterling shot in the beam, Stirling assists Silva break victory, Manchester City 2-0 victory over Waterford.
City: 1 - Bravo; 5 - Sabaleta, 22 - Krishna, 1 - Kolarov, 30 - Otamendi; 42 - Asia and Asia - Toure, 17 - 88 '19 - Sane), 21 - Silva, 8 - Jingdong (43' 6 - Fernando), 7 - Stirling; 9 - Norito (80 '15 - Navas)
Waterford: 1- Gomez; 5- Prodel, 22-Janart (59 '10-Sussex), 7-Amarabat, 25-Holevas, 3-Bristol; 29-Caprera, 37-Pereira (39 '18-Zuniga), 17-Quidiola; 19-Sinclair (71' 9-Dini), 24-Igloo.
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