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2016-17 Premier League season 17th round of a game at the Goodison Park stadium, Liverpool away to Everton. The two sides have not made the first half, the second half of men's lore time lore. The end of the game, Liverpool away 1-0 victory over Everton. The standings, the Liverpool 37 points rose to No. 2.

Merseyside derby can be described as the Premier League's most popular derby, but the two teams in the league nearly 8 encounters, there are as many as 6 times the draw, whether the campaign will appear even draw attention to the outside world. Liverpool's recent momentum has slowed, and the gap has been extended to the top nine points, Klopp's team still need to step up through the pace of victory to catch up. And Ao Liji in the past five games can score gains, the field he can continue to look forward to the state.
After the start of the first half, the two teams into the state are relatively fast. The first 3 minutes, Coleman's right-sided biography was defensive player rescue. 2 minutes later, Lukkula to the right of the pass in the sliding door. 8 minutes, Lovren's pass was intercepted. 2 minutes later, Lennon peripheral long-range was blocked. The first 12 minutes, Valencia kick the ball hit the door was denied the wall.
The first 16 minutes, Mani Wai Wai directly out of the bottom line of oblique transmission. 2 minutes later, Baines cross from the left was heading out Henderson. The first 22 minutes, Lennon left the door swept to the front by Clawan slide shovel destroyed. After 1 minute, Barkley's low shot missed the column. The first 25 minutes, Milner's forward pass by Steinkelenberg confiscated.
The first 26 minutes, Venar Dum closed the forefront of the long-range play high. The first 30 minutes, Phil Mino direct, the last Vernal Dum grab shot by Stellen Kellenberger control. The first 33 minutes, Klein broke through the bottom of the bottom out of the bottom line. 2 minutes later, Coleman's right-sided pass was blocked by Henderson.
36 minutes, Klein on the right cross, Oregon followed the paddle shot missed. 2 minutes later, Coleman's confession was Minoole confiscated. The first 43 minutes, Everton's corner kick, Morrie Qiangdian header header wide of the column. 2 minutes later, Henderson's free kick pass was Stoke Karen Borg denied.
The end of the first half, Liverpool away 0-0 draw with Everton.
The second half easy side battles, Liverpool took the lead in offensive. 47 minutes, Milner cross from the left was defensive player rescue. 2 minutes later, Fei Mier Nuo restricted area of ​​the shot was Stirkelenberg saved, Klein and then follow up the volley was blocked. 53 minutes, Barry long pass, Luka library shakes the top of the door. 56 minutes, Philino's heel ball was the first to destroy Baines.
62 minutes, Stoke Karen Borg due to injury leave. The first 65 minutes, Luo Furen long after the field came the bottom line. The first 73 minutes, Henderson's long pass was finally controlled by Robles. After 1 minute, Barkley kicked the free kick to the restricted area, Lennon's header was Minnyole confiscated. The first 74 minutes, Manet cross, Ao Liji grab shot missed. Two minutes later, volley volley fire sideways higher than the beams.
The first 78 minutes, Oregon turned the door after the defender was denied the bottom line. After 1 minute, Liverpool's corner kick, Felmino's Tuishe was Robles saved. 86 minutes, Phil Migno turned the volley was blocked. 1 minute later, Zhan transfer mistakes. The first 91 minutes, Barkley's big transmission. The first 93 minutes, Stuart Ridge's long-range shot hit the post, Mani quickly followed up blank range succeeded, Everton 0-1 Liverpool!
The first 96 minutes, Phil Migno Tuishe inside the restricted area was Coleman in front of the rescue.
The end of the game, Liverpool away 1-0 victory over Everton.
Both teams lineup
Everton: 22 - Stellenbrenberg (62 minutes, 1 - Robles), 3 - Baines, 25 - Morley, 5 - Ashley Williams, 23 - Coleman, 17-Gaye, 16-McCarthy (45 minutes, 18-Bari), 19-Enna Valencia (71 minutes, 29-levin), 8-Barkley, 12-Lennon,
Liverpool: 22-Minerva, 7-Milner, 6-Lovren, 17-Clavin, 2- Klein, 20-Lalana (81 minutes, 23-Emre Zhan), 14 - Henderson, 5 - Vinaldoum, 11 - Firmino, 19 - Mane (97 minutes, 21 - Lucas), 27 - Oregon (81 minutes, 15 - Sturridge)
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