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Last night in Japan, the World Cup finals can be described as soul-stirring, looks "vulnerable" Kashima Antlers Japan even rely on wood Qiu Yue scored twice to European champion Real Madrid into despair, and ultimately by virtue of C Luo outbreak Galaxy warships in overtime in the 4 to 2 killed the game. Kashima Antlers not only became the first team to enter the World Cup finals of the Asian team, it is almost a challenge to the success of the European team overturned the king.

In fact, with the vigorous development of the European League, Club World Cup this event is increasingly becoming a bag in the European team thing, and in 12 years ago, and the Club World Cup similar to the Toyota Cup, the South American team You can also rival European hegemony, and even win the number of long-term leader. With the European major league relaxation of foreign aid policy, more and more South American players to the European continent gold rush, two football continents of the club level differences are also growing.
From 1980 to 2004, European champions and South American champions between the Toyota Cup held 25, in which the South American team won 12 championships, since the 2005 World Cup Club replaced the Toyota Cup, the European Champions League roll probability is Getting smaller and smaller.
In 2000, the first session of the World Cup has tried to hold a session, Brazil's Corinthians Club in Maracana Stadium won the trophy, and later because of sponsorship, this by the FIFA's Event in 2005 to recover, in fact, the first World Club Cup, the European champion Liverpool on the roll. Gerrard led the Red Army in the Champions League final staged Istanbul miracle reversal AC Milan, World Club Cup semi-final also smooth sailing 3 to 0 easily beat the North American and Caribbean champion Saprissa, the final results in the face of South American liberators Cup champion Sao Paulo, Liverpool second half siege of the opponent the entire half, three goals were blown invalid, 2 hit the post, the final 0 to 1 resentment, Reina from Cech only 9 minutes without conceding a record also declared The end.
After a year, the European champion once again overturned, then on behalf of the European competition is led by Ronaldinho dream Barcelona, ​​they in the semi-final 4 to 0 win over Mexico, the Americas, the final face of Brazil international, European proof seems to be a clincher. Barcelona did take the initiative, but the Brazilian international with a quick counter-attack goal for the red and blue army swallowed defeat bitter fruit, that year the Brazilian international also created the myth of the year undefeated.
After five years, the European champion finally a shame, for five consecutive years by virtue of absolute strength to win the World Cup, until 2012, the effect of Chelsea lost Jingzhou. That year the Blues Champions League process as if the fairy tale, they again and again back to life, has reversed Naples, against Barcelona, ​​in the final and take advantage of the situation in Bayern home beat Bayern win the first Champions League history, it seems Chelsea were worth N times, they also firmly occupy the field initiative, but the opponents took advantage of only one opportunity in the first 69 minutes To achieve lore, Torres have countless counterattacks have no results, the Blues can not lose the World Cup. Which is so far the last time the European team in the World Club Cup defeat.
Into the 21st century, the strength of the European and South American clubs increasingly widening the gap, Boca Juniors in 2000 and 2003 Toyota Cup overturned Real Madrid and AC Milan, Club World Cup start also belongs to the South American team, but Over the past 10 years, nine champions are in Europe. In the fast-changing football today, people are eager to have a new warrior to challenge hegemony, can be expected that the European team will, as always, strong, but the performance of Kashima Antlers tell people this event is not tasteless, the future, who knows whether there will be The new "Kashima Antlers" to really create a miracle.
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