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Bundesliga round of 16 is winter break before the final round, home game against Dortmund, augsburg. First ji dong-won open record first, strategy of column, Pierre aubameyang risk scoring. Equalised in the second-half, Mr Lai, the second-best before the missed opportunities. In the end, augsburg borussia Dortmund home 1-1.

Dortmund was a man sent off on games away 2-2 huo village, under the condition of all competitions three consecutive draws and only wins in five games. And how, ranking fifth in the championship, with 10 points behind leaders bayern. Although Royce is out, but Pierre aubameyang state hot this season, the league scored 16 goals in 14 games ranked the first top scorer.

Augsburg rolling of the season, the last round 1-0 xing is nearly 5 round first win, but nearly six round team also lost only one field. But low augsburg road, a nearly seven on the road they only win. In the history of the two sides with a total of 11 meetings, more than 8 wins and two draws 1 negative occupy absolute advantage, nearly three times, more wins.

After 3 minutes, gold, and Mr Lai cooperate near the ball to front court couple, it's a pity that she was inclined meltzer yao has to follow in place plug on the left. Then ji dong-won the left back, cut inside the ball to the front after a cross-country recruit, but he shoot the corner by Roland barthes pull clear. 9 minutes, within the policy after the left breakthrough of cut, even two people came to the area directly volley near Angle, the ball hit the post popup.


12 minutes, Pierre aubameyang set-piece goal directly, after the ball in front of the door suddenly drop bombs to the running of the lower left corner, as Mr Fly the ball will be saved. Open to the middle of the area 15 minutes, schmid set-pieces, kermit cintron reg capped header, but slightly higher than that of beam. Continuous to Dortmund then augsburg control goal. The 23rd minute, Mr Harry and hermione on the cross, ji dong-won follow up after the ball to goal but Roland barthes pull the first headed back to the goalkeeper. 27 minutes, shi meltzer set pieces into the box, gold climbed high, road header, bounced back by Mr Side clearance.

28 minutes, split, peripheral unwanted sniper's shot off by defensive players, Mr Lai and partial out before. 30 minutes, merino straight out, Pierre aubameyang do back, sweet sichuan's company follow-up shot by Mr Inclined his hands up. 33 minutes, kermit cintron reg pull bart pass interception, pushed the ball quickly to the front was cleared, moravec straight ball, ji dong-won thrust on the left side of the ball by attack wei deng ferrer a shot, but ji dong-won follow up the position before the successful, 0 and 1, augsburg first record!


The 38th minute, Mr Lai corner was headed clearance to the box on the left side of the drive to, conveniently at Pierre aubameyang was embrace Mr Fall on the ground. 41 minutes, shi meltzer lobbed pass after rapid advance in from the left, the area middle Pierre aubameyang people leaping header narrowly wide from seam. A minute later, gold, on the right pass, split, continuous variable to anybody then, but larger efforts, after the point nobody got.

Half home-country crowd, Dortmund 0-1 augsburg temporarily.

Easy edge and upper part, 46 minutes, Mr Lai cross sweet sichuan's company, which sent straight, she lai beautifully-weighted faced, cut corner, 1-1!


49 minutes, cole passing, ji dong-won the ball quickly open bend corner pocket his shot wide of the area. Then Dortmund, split, the ball down the right pass, in front of the leaping Pierre aubameyang overhead kick Angle too by goalkeeper is saved. 53 minutes, Dortmund free-kick, gold, in the middle header, big ball left off the post. 58 minutes, Pierre aubameyang free-kick heavy shelling hits the wall, the area's Mr Lai the ball back to the ball was cleared. Then attack merino, Mr Lai straight, the evidence seems like shoot was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

Straight on 63 minutes, she suddenly, Pierre aubameyang follow-up shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper, he was offside. The 67th minute, policy set pieces, merino ferry into the box on the left side of the, swept through the middle, Pierre aubameyang merino follow shot but missed the goal. Straight on 77 minutes, castro, Pierre aubameyang the ball quickly kill into the box on the right side of strong blast door, but did not pressure the ball above the upper right corner of the goal.

The 80th minute, split sich sent straight into the box, put Mr Lai in the face of attack Mr Right foot loose defensive player of the clearance. The two sides battle last time. The 76th minute, Helene weigel straight out, split, cut inside right after the break but was cleared, and then he attack the ball, a drive was confiscated by Mr Fall on the ground. The 88th minute, policy long front middle, Pierre aubameyang shot the ball on the left of the area rib low was not far from Mr Saved, second-best unmarked and follow up finish unexpectedly wide on the left side of the column.


Stoppage time, straight teammate, tiger right foot shot, wei deng ferrer saved opponents close shot.

In the end, augsburg borussia Dortmund home 1-1.

Booking information: 52 ʼ 10 - bayer 65 ʼ 3 - stark phil des 69 ʼ 23 - sweet sichuan's company

The starting list:

Borussia Dortmund (4-1-4) : 1 - wei deng ferrer / 28 - gold, 24-5 - bart merino (46 ʼ 6 - sven - bend) 29 - shi meltzer / 33 - Helene weigel / 22 - split sich 10-23 - sweet sichuan's company's policy (27-71 ʼ castro) 7 - put Mr Lai (81 ʼ 21 - second-best) / 17 - Pierre aubameyang

Augsburg (4-2-3) : 35 - as Mr Phil des / 3 - stark 36 - cintron reg 5 - his le wu 2 - phil of harry and hermione / 10 baier 21 - Dominic cole (20-78 ʼ card,) / 11-14 - moravec schmid (8-73 ʼ foy's) 28 - George tiger / 22 - ji dong-won (90 ʼ 7 - al vines top)

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