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2016-17 season, the Spanish King's Cup fourth round of the second leg of a game in the Nou Camp stadium, Barcelona sits at home against Hercus. The first half Dene to break the deadlock, Rakitic expanded the score. The second half Turan even into three goals, Rafinha and Paco broke. The end of the game the end of the game, Barcelona 7-0 home victory over Hercus, the total score of 8-1 Barcelona cut out rivals to the next round. Turan hat-trick, Digny and Paco scored the first game of Barcelona to join the first ball.

The first leg of Barcelona with only teenager Alenia's long-range away 1-1 draw Hercus, this performance is clearly unable to make fans satisfied. The campaign back home, MSN and Pique has been ahead of the holiday under the premise of Enrique's team can break the opponent's bus array of concern, and Paco is able to enter the Barcelona career official game at the ball worth look forward to. The two sides clash in the history of 5 times, Barcelona 1 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses at a disadvantage.
After the start of the first half, the two teams into the state are relatively fast. The first minute, Vidal's right-sided biography was Bouygues confiscated. After 1 minute, Dennis spread to the restricted area on the left, Digney's Tuishe hit high. 8 minutes, Barcelona's corner opportunities, Javier Mascherano header over the bar. 2 minutes later, Rafinha free kick the ball was defensive player rescue.
14 minutes, Rakitic's Zhise directly out of the bottom line. After 2 minutes, Mascherano external long-range byBoigs confiscated. The first 17 minutes, Dennis's oblique long pass or by Buickes control. The first 20 minutes, Rakitic kick free kick pass by Buygus attack to resolve. The first 24 minutes, Rakitic the frontier of the restricted area of ​​the long-range hit high.
The first 27 minutes, cut the restricted area when the break was Mascherano damage. 1 minute, Barca's hit the wall with, Parker's Zhise was Bouygues preemptive confiscation. The first 30 minutes, Dennis opened the restricted area on the left side of the shot after playing the edge of the Internet. 33 minutes, Turan's header was blocked.
The first 36 minutes, Tulane left cross, Rafinha's Tuishe blocked by the defensive player, Digney follow-up of the Tongshe succeeded, Barcelona 1-0 Hercus!
39 minutes, Rakitic's Zhise plug out the bottom line. 43 minutes, Gomez oblique spread to the restricted area, Dene, after plugging the top of the header rushed the top high. The first 43 minutes, Toulan restricted by the defensive player uprooted, the referee penalty.
Rakitic kicked the ball overnight, Barcelona 2-0 Hercus!
The end of the first half, Barcelona 2-0 at home temporarily Hercus.
The second half easy to side battles, Barcelona launched the first offensive. The first 46 minutes, Mascherano's pick out the bottom line. Two minutes later, Dennis's long pass was confiscated by Bouygues. The first 49 minutes, Turan left back to the front of the restricted area after continuous, Rafinha volley near corner net, Barcelona 3-0 Hercus!
54 minutes, Vidal restricted area on the right side of the biography, Tulane bent over header break, Barcelona 4-0 Hercus!
56 minutes, Vidal's cross-clearance by the defensive player. The first 61 minutes, Tulane left oblique pass was intercepted. 1 minute later, Dennis cross from the left, but Paco's outflanking did not hit the ball. The first 66 minutes, Digny cross from the left, Tulane header by Bouygues confiscated. 2 minutes later, Gomez's oblique came the bottom line.
The first 72 minutes, Rafinha right-sided biography, the Paco close header from the network, Barcelona 5-0 Hercus!
The first 75 minutes, Dennis inverted triangle back to do, Paco hit the door was blocked by the defensive player. Two minutes later, Salinas's confession was confiscated by West Lysen. The first 78 minutes, Digny's left cross directly out of the bottom line.
The first 81 minutes, Rakitic peripheral long-range by Buickes confiscated. After 1 minute, Rafinha Zhisai, Paco's hit the door or by Buickes control. 85 minutes, Vidal right under the end of the pass, the Paco header saved by Buickes saved, Turan after the point blank range succeed, Barcelona 6-0 Hercus!
2 minutes later, the front of the restricted area of ​​Paco's long-range saved by Buickes. 88 minutes, Tulane restricted area on the left side of the arc kick shot the ball, the ball straight net nest corner, Barcelona 7-0 Hercus!
The end of the game, Barcelona 7-0 home victory over Hercus.
Both teams lineup
Barcelona: 13 - West Lysen, 22 - Alex Vidal, 14 - Mascherano, 23 - Umuti, 19 - Digne, 6 - Dennis Suarez, 4- Rakitic , 21-Andre Gomez, 12-Rafinha, 7-Turan, 17-Paco Alcazel
Hercus: 1 - Buys, 3 - Pena, 2 - Darmau, 6 - Roxas, 4- Fernando, 5 - Bouzou (53 minutes, 16 - (68 minutes, 12 - Salinas), 11 - Gaspar (45 minutes, 14 - Miguel), the United States,
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