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2016-17 Serie A season 18th round to continue, the home of the Roman team at home to welcome Chievo challenge. The first 28 minutes, Perez direct free kick hit the post. The first 37 minutes, Duguzmann rushed to break the Chievo opened the scoring. The first 41 minutes, just send assists Izko injury back. The first half of the game stoppage time, Sharavi direct free kick to break the score for Rome. 52 minutes, Dzeko for the Roman go-ahead score. The first 93 minutes, Perrotti penalty in their creation of the penalty to seal the victory for Rome. The final home 3-1 reversal of Chievo Rome, continued to stand in the standings No. 2.

Serie 17 cruised, the Roman team made 11 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses record, plot 35 points ranked Serie A No. 2. The visiting team Chievo 7 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses, plot 25 points in the standings tenth. The two sides clash nearly 6 times, Rome 4 wins 2 level unbeaten. The two sides last played against Serie A in the last round of the 37th round, 3-0 home victory over Chievo in Rome. Lineup, the campaign De Rossi and Manoras were unable to play. Rome in the last round of the league lost 0-1 leader Juventus, Juventus points difference and widened to 7 points, this battle in the face of Chievo, Rome, only three points in order to catch Juve.
With the referee whistle, the whole game began. The first 10 minutes, Perez cross from the left, after the point of Lugi Dig header, Sorentino the ball off. 11 minutes, Zheke then Perez forward pass, a small restricted area on the right side of the ball turned the ball kicked the arc, the ball just wide of the left column. The first 12 minutes, Perez kicked the corner to open the restricted area arc, Salavi greet the volley, Sorentino fell to the ground struggling to save the ball saved the bottom line.
The first 15 minutes, Emerson then Sharawi left sideline clever sub-ball, reached the restricted area inverted triangle pass, Salah followed shot kick shot missed. The first 18 minutes, Perez right-sided biography, Salah Road, shook the middle of the restricted area missed. The first 20 minutes, Nahrena frontcourt follow up strong volley over the bar. 21 minutes, Bielsa right-sided mass in the restricted area, the ball hit the defensive player flew to the point, De Guzman follow up a foot pad shot, the ball wiping the right column flying out of the bottom line.
The first 24 minutes, ningangran kick the free kick before the game, vigorously H Gate, Sorrentino put out the fight, Fazio blank door to the blank range of inadequate preparation, the Chievo defender first to siege. The first 28 minutes, Shimon Peres kick the ball directly before the penalty area Gongmen, the ball to draw an arc across the wall, hit the left side of the column outside the pop-up bottom line! Rome almost break the deadlock!
The first 35 minutes, Dzeko field before Shalaweiwei ball, kick shot, Sorentino the ball struggling to block. The first 37 minutes, Izko right-sided biography, De Guzman after the point of plug, leaning over the roof broke! Chievo 1-0 lead away from Rome!
The first 41 minutes, just send assists Izko due to injury can not adhere to the game was Costa replaced. The first 45 minutes, Dainelli closed defensive foul before the yellow card, and gave Rome a very good free kick opportunity. Shala Wei kick the door directly, the ball to draw an arc through the wall hit the inside of the left column into the net nest! Sorrentino beyond the reach! Rome at home to match the score!
Half cruised, Rome home 1-1 and Chievo at home for the time being tie.
Easy side battles, the first 52 minutes, Sharawi left the ball into the restricted area, the bottom line near the Chievo defender is denied cross, then he actively grabbed the ball again kicked the direction of the goal, Tetsu front of easy Tuishe succeed! Roma will go-ahead score 2-1!
58 minutes, Perez restricted area before the sudden Leng Jian Shi, polo ralph lauren, the ball wiping the left column flying out of the bottom line. The first 74 minutes, Nain Glen kicked the door inside the restricted area by Chievo defender denied. The first 75 minutes, Zheke restricted area header header, the ball wiping the right column flying out. Then Perez on the right low ball in the ball, the dominant point near the penalty kick to follow up low shot a little wide. 80 minutes, Zoco frontcourt sent a pick biography, Salah within the restricted area of ​​the front insert slower, missed the opportunity to pole.
The first 82 minutes, Shala Wei like the left seems like a shot, the ball draw the door. The first 83 minutes, Zheke Sharawi pass the formation of single pass, Sharu Tuishe restricted area, Sorentino the ball bravely denied the bottom line. 88 minutes, Ronaldinho down Emerson to eat a yellow card. The first 90 minutes, Perez closed before sending out Zhise, Dzeko forward single-handedly Tuishe, the ball was again Sorrentino saved, followed by Perotty's fillings above the bar.
92 minutes, Perrotti was knocked down the restricted area by Costa, the referee decisive penalty kick! Perrotti personally kicked, fooled Sorentino, hit the goal to the left, easily hit! Rome 3-1 to seal the victory!
The final home 3-1 reversal Chievo Rome.
Both teams:
Rome starting: Rome starting: 1 - Si Sisi, 2 - Rudiger, 20 - Fazio, 15 - Weiermalun, 13 - Perez, 4 - Nainuolan, 6 - Stroman, 33-Emerson, 11-Salah (82'8-Peroti), 9-Dzeko (90'7-Iturbe), 92-Salawi
Chievo starting: 70 - Sorentino, 13 - Izko (41'36 - Costa), 5 - Gamberini, 21 - Frey, 3 - Dinelli, 1 - De Guzman, 8-Radovanovic, 4- Ligoni, 23-Bielsa (59'28-Bastian), 69-Meggiolini, 45-Inglis (75'31-Pelici Yay)
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