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35-year-old Ibrahimovic first landing in the Premier League is still on the track to kill the Quartet, looks no different with young people this season, the Swede scored 9 goals in 10 games, while he was the Reds offensive front core. However, in the history of the Premiership, the sword is not old and not the exclusive Fengxian the first term. Those over 30 years of age to join the Premiership is also playing the wind and water of the players and a few, the following for your inventory of Premier League history, 10 old and solid legendary players.

Club: Chelsea The first game: November 16, 1996 Age: 30 years 4 months and 11 days
British football or the Premiership for a long time is not sexy with the top, until the arrival of Zola, the Sardinians in the late nineties of last century in England, blowing a new football atmosphere. In fact, before joining Zola to Chelsea has been famous. But his seven years in Stamford Bridge is not to pension, or even write a new chapter. Outstanding personality charm and superior skills to Zola quickly became the most popular players in the team, his smile has remained in the hearts of many fans. In fact, before Abram took over, Chelsea is not the Premiership giants, but Zola or led the team to get a FA Cup and 1 European Cup Winners' Cup, also taught the British how to pass the heel.
2. Klinsmann
Club: Tottenham The first game: August 20, 1994 Age: 30 years and 21 days
With extraordinary charm of these words to describe the golden bombers Klinsmann is not too much, in many ways, the Germans with their words and deeds of the Premier League superstars have set up a template. Although he spent a season at White Hart Lane to move to Bayern, but this year's time enough to make people firmly remember the name and the person. In the game he scored a total of 30 goals for Tottenham, and was the reporter voted for the Premier League player of the year.
3. Weiss Morgan
Club: Leicester City The first game: August 16, 2014 Age: 30 years 6 months and 26 days
Leicester City last season's title is like a beautiful fairy tale, and Morgan is one of the important role. In fact, until four years ago, the Jamaica Zhongwei impression is only played in the Nottingham Forest is also good. From the age of 17 he will play in the forest, but in 2012 he was sold to the forest city rivals Nottinghamshire. Then removed to join Leicester, did not expect last season, has been a captain of the Morgan to a big outbreak, he not only completed the league attendance at the same time also in April with Manchester United in the key battle to score the key header to help the team body And retreat.
4. Lehmann
Club: Arsenal The first game: August 16, 2003 Age: 33 years 9 months and 6 days
Ten years ago, when 33-year-old Lyman joined Arsenal, the public fans a look at his data, feel that they will be a madman, because he was in the Bundesliga before the number of red cards ranked first in history. But Lehmann in the arsenal has a very good play, it can be said that Arsenal's defense built into a wall of iron. He has created the Champions League consecutive record of the ball does not lose, and during the effectiveness of the gunmen gradually over Kahn become the main goalkeeper of the national team. Let the fans more at ease, the red card in the effectiveness of Arsenal in five years only took a red card. Well, in fact, that is the 2006 Champions League final, the Germans in the first 18 minutes, the referee was ejected, and ultimately they lost 1-2 to Barcelona, ​​unfortunately lost.
5. Lambert
Club: Southampton The first game: August 19, 2012 Age: 30 years, 6 months and 3 days
Blackpool, McCleesfield, Stoke Port, Bristol Rovers, these are Lambert before joining Southampton played for the team. Although he came to the Saints at the age of 30, but he proved to the outside world their ability. In the game against Manchester City goal, he completed in four different league goals have feat. In 2013, the grassroots origin he was also recruited into the England national team, and in the game against Scotland in the first foot touch the ball to complete the break. 1 year after Lambert also participated in the Brazil World Cup with the team, and soon he joined the growth of their own growth Liverpool, 15-year-old left, 32-year-old return, which is regarded as an affirmation of him.
6. Van der Sar
Club: Fulham The first game: August 19, 2001 Age: 30 years 9 months and 21 days
In fact, Van der Sar joined Fulham can be considered contrary to the outside world, after all, he won the Champions League with Ajax, but his two seasons in Juventus did not leave a deep impression, and The old woman also bought Buffon instead of van der Sar, so he chose to go to England. After four seasons at Fulham, the Dutch chose to leave Craven Farm to join Old Trafford. Despite the age is high, but the arrival of Edwin van der Sar quickly resolved the goalkeeper problems plagued the Red Devils for many years. In the United 6 years he won the team with four league titles and 1 Champions League.
7. Gullit
Club: Chelsea The first game: August 19, 1995 Age: 32 years 11 months and 18 days
Dutch braided handsome in joining Chelsea when close to 33 years old, when the coach Glenn Hoddl introduced him is to let Gullit as the field scavenger position. He quickly became the team's midfielder, the quarter to help Chelsea reached the FA Cup semi-finals. After the end of the season he was nominated for the PFA Player of the Year, along with Manchester United's Cantona. Shortly after, in 1996, he became a player and coach of the Blues. And led his unit to get the FA Cup champion, also signed Zola, Villarreal, Di Matteo and other players, and set off a sexy football storm. But in February the next year, he was ruthless dismissal. Here in 18 months, Gullit can be said to be completely changed the English football.
8. Dean Windas
Club: Bradford City The first game: August 7, 1999 Age: 30 years 4 months and 6 days
In 1999, Winds once joined Bradford twice, as early as March of this year, he leased from Oxford to bantam, the purpose is very clear, to help the team Chongchao. Wendes did, and ultimately Bradford to the British crown second, after a lapse of 77 years after the British League once again boarded the highest stage. The contract after the end of the summer he was 100 million pounds to complete a permanent transfer in his Premier League sub-season scored a total of 10 goals, the team relegation important hero. Magic is, 8 years later, Winds almost did the same thing, the 2008 Championship playoff final, it is to rely on his beautiful goal Hull City 104 years in the history of the team for the first time into the Premier League. But after that he only played Hull City 5 Premiership, scored 1 goal. But his legendary status has been laid.
9. Djokov
Club: Bolton The first game: February 23, 2002 Age: 33 years 11 months and 14 days
The World Cup and European Cup champion joined the Premier League situation with Klinsmann somewhat similar to the French, Serie A and the Bundesliga after years of England. But the French in their own way to become a landlord, when he did not choose to join the wealthy, but to Allardyce coached Bolton, and not at the beginning of the season, but Bolton struggling for the relegation , The first game he was in the contest against Charlton scored twice to help the team 2-1 victory over the opponent. After the summer Bolton also introduced Campo and Ochoa, fast horse has quickly become a power can not be ignored in the Premiership.
10. Henrik Larsen
Club: Manchester United first game: January 7, 2007 Age: 35 years 3 months and 24 days
In Ibrahimovic before Sweden, there is a magic front, that is, Henrik Larson, in January 2007, taking advantage of the Swedish league end of the gap, he loaned from Helsingborg to join Manchester United, which also created A legend, in fact, before and after his Manchester United, but also to stay for 10 weeks time, but gave the club brought a lot of contribution, 13 games scored three goals may not be outstanding, but the veteran of Sweden or So that benefits from Manchester United quite up and down. In fact, after retirement Larsson himself said, the most regretful thing in his career is not playing more than a year in Manchester United.
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