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 La Liga has entered the winter break. is the first 16 games for La Liga were summarized. Analysis of the current Spanish league standings in the form, selected the best team half-way La Liga ... ...

La Liga 38 rounds have been 16 rounds, this does not only mean the Spanish league schedule almost more than half also represents the team managers can sit down and think about the next team's problems in the second half of the game which Problems need to be improved.
On the current situation, La Liga title situation
Real Madrid's current undefeated (less-rounded) lead in the 2016/2017 season, if they can maintain such a state, then they are indeed very likely to win this season's La Liga championship trophy. As for Barcelona, ​​they were three points behind Real Madrid in a relative disadvantage, but in the second half they also had a chance to overtake and win the Champions League . Atletico Madrid, they want to win a league championship this season, it seems to need to redouble their efforts Caixing.
On the current situation, the Spanish relegation situation
Gijon Athletic and Granada in the last season thrilling relegation, but they are in this season and fall into the relegation zone, and relegation situation looks worrying. Once the La Liga giant Valencia, they are currently the only goal difference in the 17th place. And La Coruna and Leganes, they are not really particularly safe, if you want to avoid relegation, then in the second half of the game they need to harvest more points. As for Osasuna, they honestly accept the downgrade of the reality of West B it.
11 on the best half
Arsenal / Marcelo, Victor - Ruiz, Ramos, Mario / Tony - Cross, Nzonzi, Messi / Nei Maer, Soares, Aspas
Underperforming teams, players and head coaches
Team: Atletico Madrid - Last season, the Legion of Legion at the end of the season only behind La Liga Barcelona 3 points, and in the last season's game showed a strong defensive power, single-season only opponents scored 18 goals , But they have been 14 goals in the first half of the season and have lost four games (last season, Atletico Madrid lost only six games) - the current team has lagged behind the top of the league The team 9 points.
Players: Greitzman - French attackers scored a total of 22 league goals for the team, the game scored a total of 32 goals, easily established his glory in the status of European football. But the young Frenchman, with his great hopes, did not make it as good as he did last season - despite all his efforts, he has so far scored only six goals for the team.
Coach: Diego - Simone - Argentines also know that they need to reshape Atletico Madrid, so he hopes the team can show a more powerful offensive capability. However, it seems the previous game style is more suitable for now Atletico Madrid.
The performance of unexpected teams, players and coach
Team: Spaniards - Although the Spaniard won only one game in the first seven games of the season, the Spaniard's performance was completely different after beating Barcelona in the Catalan Super Bowl. In the next seven games, the Spaniard won four games, the other three games are also harvested a draw - seven games only lost two goals. At present, the Spaniard is also the identity of the league to enter the winter break.
Players: Aspas - former Liverpool striker Aspas in the return of the Spanish league after the performance is indeed very good, he had 14 games in the Primera Liga scored 10 goals in the shooter standings second only to Suarez And Massey. It seems Vigo Celta want to achieve a satisfactory result in the league, then Aspas goal will be crucial.
Coach: Zidane - although Zinedine Zidane as coach is still a newcomer, but his performance in the Bernabeu is still very worthy of recognition. At the same time, this season, Real Madrid in La Liga also undefeated, this is really exciting.
Noteworthy star
Sandro - Ramirez - although Sandro - Ramirez did not get too much playing opportunities, but that does not mean he is not good enough, in fact he is just a lack of opportunity to show themselves Bale. After joining Malaga, the attacker finally found the opportunity to show themselves, in 15 games for the team scored seven goals, all the U23 La Liga players in the most goals.
Marcos - Llorente - Real Madrid legend Paco - Llorente's son Marcos - Llorente in the Spanish league this season's performance is also very worthy of our attention, he completed a total of 41 steals in the game , Is the U23 league in the number of steals most. At the same time, Alvais victory over Barcelona in the game, Marcos - Llorente's performance is also bright spots.
Ascension - Real Madrid last season to be on loan to the Spaniards, the Asencio outstanding performance let us know that he will be able to stay in the Bernabeu this season. In this season's game, Ascension has indeed for the dedication of the fans on the outstanding performance, and in the first team successfully established a firm foothold.
Enduring battlefield veteran
Aduris - Although the Athletic Bilbao has been 35 years old, but his performance in the game is still very good. As an important part of the team's offensive end, he is always able to continue to contribute their strength in the game - so far, he has scored 6 goals for the team.
On the current situation, the best transfer this season
Jose - William - to 5.1 million euros to join the Royal Society, the Brazilian attacker to show his strong offensive strength. In 14 games, Jose - William scored nine goals, and also sent 1 assists. In this strong new aid with the help of the Royal Society in the Primera Liga is also worthy of the fans satisfied with the results - the team currently ranks fifth in the league.
The current situation, the worst transfer this season
Gaitan - Atletico Madrid to 2125 million euros to sign the price of Gaitan, is that he joined to improve the team's offensive problems, but this had excellent creativity of the Argentine winger in Calderon stadium's performance is not Ideal, so far he has not been able to contribute assists for the team, and scored two goals is also in the team 7-1 sweep of Granada's game harvest.
La Liga Half-time best match - Sevilla 6-4 Spaniards
Many people are looking forward to Sampaoli's first European league, and he did complete an impressive debut. He led the Sevilla in the Spanish first round 6-4 victory over the Spaniards. And after this game, people also for Sampaoli in Seville, the performance has become more looking forward to the current performance of Seville is also true that they are currently 33 points behind Real Madrid and Barcelona.
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