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 2016-17 season Premier League 18th round of a focus war at Anfield stadium, Liverpool sits at home against Stoke City. The first 12 minutes, Walters opened the first record for the visiting team. The first 34 minutes, Lalana small angle shot for Liverpool equalizer. 44 minutes, Phil Migno broke the score for the home team. The first 59 minutes, Oregon biography in the manufacture of Bulaulonglong for Liverpool to expand the lead. The first 70 minutes, just off the bench Stuart Ricky grabbed Shawcross back easy to break the main team and then the next city. In the end, Liverpool 4-1 home victory over Stoke City, after the campaign they won three straight in the league at the same time, once again return to the standings second position.

Liverpool Premiership 17 rounds to obtain 11 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses record, the current situation in a small round of 37 points, temporarily ranked third in the standings. Visiting Stoke City 17 round League 21 points, temporarily ranked 12th in the league. The two teams clash in history 131 times, Liverpool 64 wins 37 level 30 negative prevail. The two sides last played in April of this year, when Liverpool beat Stoke City 4-1 at home. A big part of the game is that Stoke City's Joe Allen, Glen Johnson, Crouch and Charlie Adam will be back at Anfield. attention.
With the referee whistle, the whole game began. The first 6 minutes, Milner out of the tactical corner to find the front right-wing Werner Dum, who then low-level ball across the road, Henderson closed the front foot closed-foot volley, the ball wiping beam flying out The bottom line. The first 12 minutes, Diouf cross from the right, Crouch closed the middle of the road shakes Leipzig was Liverpool defender denied, followed by another pass in the left Peters, Walters before the point shakes Leipzig, Minnie Levin Although threw the ball, still can not prevent the ball into the net nest! Stoke City away 1-0 lead!
The first 16 minutes, Milner restricted area before the next pass volley volley volley, the ball wiping the beam flying out of the bottom line. The first 18 minutes, Qiao Allen restricted area on the right foot low shot was denied Mino Levin, followed by Crouch follow-up blank range, the ball again denied by Liverpool defender. The first 23 minutes, Lalana after the cross-leg volley within the restricted area, the ball met Whelan who has a refraction, slightly wide of the left column. 24 minutes, Lovren on the right cross the restricted area, Stoke City siege not far from the right side of the small area of ​​Phil Minuo re-shot, the ball on the line of rescue Peter Crouch.
The first 31 minutes, Milner left crossing the restricted area, Orij's header Gongmen wide. The first 34 minutes, Oregon midfielder to find the right ball midfielder, Mane ball into the restricted area of ​​high-speed cross road, lanana plug the grab before the point, the ball was Glen Johnson denied, Lalana alert follow-up To a small restricted area on the right and then shot, the ball rolled into the nest from the near corner! Liverpool will score equalizer!
The first 36 minutes, Joe Allen shovel down Vernal Dum eat a yellow card. 37 minutes, Milner restricted area before the kick low shot, Grant fell to the ground the ball confiscated. The first 38 minutes, La Lana restricted area on the right inverted triangular biography, Felminino Road, follow up foot volley, the ball wiping the beam flying out of the bottom line! Liverpool misses a goal! The first 44 minutes, Phil Migno restricted access Milner pass, a little adjustment to move forward a strong low shot, the ball hit the right column and then hit the left column, the final bomb net into the nest! Liverpool go-ahead score for the 2-1!
The first half of the game stoppage time, and Milner left low ball in the mass, the road of Mane Road, low shot, the ball rubbed the right column out of the bottom line, Liverpool almost expand the lead!
Half cruised, Liverpool rely on Larana and Philino goal, 2-1 reversal at home, temporarily leading Stoke City.
Easy side battles, the first 50 minutes, Milner left and Mane hit the wall, the restricted area kicked the ball out of the arc ball. The first 56 minutes, La Lanah frontier closed foot volley was Stoke City defender denied the bottom line. The first 59 minutes, Henderson sent out Zhise, Oregon plug in, a small restricted area on the left side of the road to find the front of the Ma Nei, in front of the Inbura accidental rescue, the ball crashed into their own goal! Liverpool 3-1 ahead of Stoke City!
The first 61 minutes, Mane then Phil Mimeno ball, the restricted area left foot volley, the ball just wide. The first 70 minutes, Shawcross back door in front of errors, just debut Stuart Ritchie gift gift, the ball off the next Grant Throw off Kongmen succeed! Stewart Ridge into the Premier League this season, the first ball! Liverpool home 4-1 lead Stoke City!
The first 78 minutes, A Feilai restricted area before the kick, the ball to draw a strange arc slightly above the bar. The first 83 minutes, Mani restricted the right-sided go past the defensive, retracement of the restricted area before Henderson kicked a strong low shot, the ball hit the door in front of Stuart Ridge pop, followed by Moreno volley blank range.
The final Liverpool home 4-1 reversal Stoke City.
Both teams:
Liverpool starting: 22 - Minho Levin, 2 - Klein, 6 - Lovren, 17 - Clavin, 7 - Milner, 14 - Henderson, 5 - Vernal Dum, 20 - Lala (69'23-Zhan), 19-Mane, 27-Orijee (69'15-Sturridge), 11-Philino (79'18-Moreno)
Stoke City starting: 33 - Grant, 8 - Glen - Johnson, 17 - Shawcross, 15 - Indy, 3 - Peters, 18 - Diouf (75'14 - A Feilai), 4 - Joan Allen, 6-Whelan (67'32-Soby), 21-Indra, 19-Walters, 25-Crouch (84'12-Boni)
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