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 A game of English Premier League is played between Southampton and Tottenham. The first half, Van Dick shot more than a minute break, the first 19 minutes, Ali header to tie the game. The second half, the first 52 minutes Kane headed home, will go-ahead score. 84 minutes, Sun Xingmin broke the door to expand the score, the first 86 minutes, Ali broke the door to seal the victory. In the end, away to fight Tottenham 4-1 reverse Southampton, all three points.

The campaign before the home team Southampton 24 points, ranked eighth in the league standings position. The visiting team Tottenham experienced a strong start in the league after the performance stage, the recent performance is not a small fatigue, the scoreboard position has fallen to the fifth, fourth from the Arsenal there are four points gap. The game against the strength of the general Southampton, Tottenham aiming to take the full third of the Spurs will play full.
Southampton first kick-off the first half, opening 2 minutes, Southampton free kick before the game, Ward Plow to the restricted area kick-off, Van Dyck leaping in front of the header, the ball Playing in the bottom left corner of the goal fly into the goal. Southampton took the lead, 1-0!
8 minutes, Raymond midfielder sent out Zhise straight after the ball, Rodriguez frontier closed the ball, a note shot missed. 16 minutes, Raymond front of the restricted area of ​​the ball, a little adjustment to a long shot from the outside, the ball slightly wide of the goal.
19 minutes, Sissoko left cross road, the ball hit the defensive player who changes line, follow-up Ali header, the ball hit the right column after the bomb into the goal, Tottenham will score 1-1!
28 minutes, Dell peripheral long pass, a mess in the restricted area, the ball was defensive player to destroy the bottom line. 31 minutes, Walker left the ball to the restricted area to Eriksson, the ball kick shot after the ball, the ball out of the bottom line out of the goal. 39 minutes, Wan Yama pass the ball was siege, Ali has a large restricted area of ​​the forefront of the ball kick shot, the ball hit the high.
42 minutes, Sissoko right cross knock Road, follow-up of Wan Yama continuous dribbling, Tuishe was siege out.
The second half easy to side battles, 50 minutes, Deng Beilei Road to the left to the ball Sissoko, kicker pass out the bottom line. 52 minutes, Erickson out on the right corner, Kane leaping in front of high, shakes the door, the ball straight into the goal, Tottenham 2-1 lead.
The first 56 minutes, Raymond defensive inside the restricted area down Ali, the referee produced a red card and a penalty kick, kick the penalty directly Kane hit fly.
67 minutes, Wan Ya Ma continuous ball cut, the front of a large restricted area long-range goalkeeper destroyed. 74 minutes, Sun Xingguo points to the side of Eriksson, with the ball inside the lateral cut, the front of a large restricted area long-range goalkeeper saved. 84 minutes, Winks after the field long pass, the ball was Roomeau Wu top to change direction, Sun Xing Min homeopathic get the ball the opportunity to single-handedly, the ball straight to kill the restricted area, Tuishe hit the goal far corner, 3-1!
86 minutes, Rose to the restricted area to the left of the ball, the ball Ali's cool Tuishe to the goal far corner, goalkeeper saves less than the score once again been rewritten Tottenham 4-1!
The end of the game, away to fight Tottenham 4-1 victory over Southampton.
The two sides lineup:
Southampton: 1 - Foster, 2 - Cedric - Suarez, 6 - José - Fonte, 8 - Steven - Davis (72'22 - Hebeier), 9 Jie (72'7-Sean Long), 14-Romero, 16-Ward-Plows, 17-Fantiq, 19-Bauer (72'11-Tadic) , 21-Bertrand, 22-Raymond
Tyson: 1- Loris, 2-Walker, 3-Danny Ross, 5-Vernon, 10-Kane, 12-million Yama, 15-Dell, 17-Sissoko (74'7- Sun Xingxian), 19 - Deng Beilei (82 '29 - Winks), 20 - Ali, 23 - Eriksson
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