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 2016-17 season, the Premier League in the 20th round, Liverpool guest bright course challenges Sunderland, the first 19 minutes, Stuart Ricky broke the first record for Liverpool, 6 minutes later, Defoe hit a penalty shootout equalized the first 72 minutes, Marin power, Liverpool lead again, the first 83 minutes, Mane closed handball sent to Sunderland penalty, Jermain Defoe again fired up the final break, Liverpool away 2-2 Sunderland.

Liverpool are now morale, beat Manchester City after they won the league four straight, continue to maintain pressure on the leader Chelsea. Klopp's team certainly want to take advantage of the current state of more than grab points, as catch-up who do not want to be Chelsea further widen the gap. The last round away defeat 1-4 at the foot of Burnley, the last five league Sunderland lost four games, Moyers's team plot 14 points still deep relegation zone. The two sides clash in the last nine league, Liverpool 6 wins 3 level unbeaten. Black cat last beat Liverpool also dates back to March 2012.
1 minutes later, Borini left the ball off, to the frontier of the restricted area, Defoe had turned the ball burst shot, was Minnie the ball to the door, Oliver fell to the ground to hold; the first 7 minutes, Rodwell Sunderland kick free kick, hanging directly to a small restricted area, Larson to keep up with the restricted area header, side cut flag, offside first; 8 minutes , Mane to the left side of the road, to give Vernal Dumu, who greet the ball right foot shot, Manuo Nei hand out the crossbar.
12 minutes, Janu Zhayi after a heel knock, Rodwell shot burst, was saved by Minho Levin; 5 minutes later, Phil Migno Youlei Zhise, Stewart Ridge to keep up with the shot, by Man Nuoni block out.
19 minutes, Liverpool on the right corner out of the restricted area Central Lovran first pad a bit, a small restricted area on the right Stuart Ridge to keep up with header, smash into the net nest, Liverpool 1-0 lead Sunderland.
The first 24 minutes, Clavin restricted the right side down grace East, Sunderland received a penalty, Jermain Defoe kicked the left corner of the network, Sunderland 1-1 Liverpool.
The first 26 minutes, Sunderland back, Defoe single knife was Mi Nioule flapping, Borini to keep up with the door was defensive player denied the bottom line; the first 32 minutes, Defoe the ball to get the middle of the road to the Luo Deville, right to pass to the restricted area, Rodwell volley, was Minoole confiscated.
The first 38 minutes, Mani before the ball, to the right, Stewart Ritchie cut within the shot, Mannone struggling to block out; 1 minute, Milner to Philino, inverted triangle back to the area to do , Venar dum to keep up with the small angle of Tuishe, the goalkeeper confiscated; the first 43 minutes, Stuart Riquet peripheral sudden kicker, Mannone confiscated.
Half cruised, Liverpool 1-1 Sunderland.
Easy to side battles, Liverpool replaced with Moreno Milner; 55 minutes, Klein left cross, Manet Road outflanking failed to hit the ball; 2 minutes later, Sunderland front Rob, The first 63 minutes, Liverpool quick free kick, Phil Migno a long shot away from the area, Mannone will be the ball, Jermain Defoe, Confiscated; 1 minute, Liverpool counterattack, Mane cross, Zhan keep up, vigorously Tuishe goalkeeper confiscated. The first 70 minutes, Larana Road, the foot is a pass, Stuart Ridge to keep up with the door to fight was Mano within the block.
72 minutes, Liverpool corner kick out of the restricted area in the middle of the ball to the top after the point of Giro Bogi, the restricted area inside the post post on the left side of Menin Tuishe broke, Liverpool 2-1 Sunderland.
82 minutes, Sunderland get a good position in the free kick, Larsson hit the door hit the door in Mane, the referee penalty, Jermain Defoe hit again equalizer hit the score. Sunderland 2-2 Liverpool.
86 minutes, Liverpool left the ball, Moreno the ball open to the road, Kravan header was Mannone confiscated; the first 91 minutes, Moreno out on the right free kick, Manuo Nei attack the ball to pick ; The first 93 minutes, La Lanah restricted area at the top of the arc was Mannuo saved.
The end of the audience, Liverpool 2-2 Sunderland away.
Sunderland lineup: 1 - Mannone; 22 - Lowe, 16 - O'Shea, 5 - Golobao Ji, 3 - Fan Anholt; 7 - Larsen, 17 - TU East, 8 - Luo Dever (65 '27 - Manjillo); 44 - Januzai (78' 10 - Hazyri), 18 - Defoe, 9 - Borini
Liverpool Lineups: 22-Minerva; 2- Klein, 6-Lovren, 17-Clavin, 7-Milner (45 '18-Moreno) 19-Mani, 15-Sturridge (79 '21 - Lucas), 11 - Phil Mignon
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