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 Arsenal team arsenal guest Bournemouth, hoping to ride in front of the Liverpool lost points to shorten the integral gap. The two sides are known for offensive team, the final Wenger's team in the case of three goals behind the launch of the Jedi fight back. Giroux once again to save the team in the stoppage time is to rely on the header to break the opponent's door. The ultimate gunmen away to get a point, missed the opportunity to catch up the gap.

A cherry dare to pressure, the main behind
Bournemouth has always been a passionate team, they are no matter what the face of the opponent, and the general will not like the middle and lower teams swing the bus. This round of home games, in the face slightly tired of the gunmen Eddie. Hao team played very active. The opening will be very close to the formation pressure.
At the same time Bournemouth before the start of the Arsenal have studied the tactics of the season, know that the two backs Bella Lin and Monreal have a strong assists. Want to rely entirely on retreat to defend the wing attack is very difficult. So after the start of Bournemouth offensive in the wing is very fierce, clear you want to find a breakthrough from the wing.
Bournemouth in addition to Fraser outside the wing is not a good raid, so their attack on the wing is not a simple breakthrough in the next pass. The figure, Stanislas and Francis pulled to the side at the same time, Sanchez and Monreal also Shoulong to this area, to prevent the opponent pass cut with puncture. But Monreal will be behind the location ahead of time there will be a large space. This time the center Wilson and Qian Yao are moving to this side. Finally, Stanislas choose to directly find Wilson, Fortunately, Coase Czerny and Mustafi two people are more focused, while Cech's attack is also very timely, the ball destroyed. If this is not plug single-handedly, but to find gold, I believe Bournemouth can also play a very threatening attack.
This is Bournemouth long straight to find the wing when the air, Wilson offside off, Monreal has been powerless. Wilson did not control the final foot touch the ball a good power, the ball was struggling to recover the destruction of Mustafi. You can see the Bournemouth frontcourt players are conscious of the sidewalk move once the ball before the party to seek the first time behind the empty when such a success rate is not high, but the gunmen of the game by the physical Influence, Bournemouth relatively younger lineup can support such a run, once successful then the harvest is huge.
In addition to the side of the attack, Bournemouth also pay attention to the weak side of the collusion. In many times through the winger to create a threat, the gunman's defense is also conscious to move closer to the wings, hoping to curb the opponent's sidewalk offensive. But the strong side of Bournemouth's weak side of the offensive idea is very clear, you can see almost all of the frontcourt players are moved to the Arsenal left, even the right avant-garde Frazer have come to this side Collusion. The results Belle Lam was attracted attention, although Ramsay see this side is also too open to remind teammates, but he did not timely back defense fill, leading Daniels to obtain a very large space, in the face Bella Lin's reckless grab also handled well, helping the team to open the record.
Second, the rhythm is too fast, the gunmen offensive and defensive ends of the wind
The game an hour ago, Bournemouth young team to use their physical storage and distribution of better advantage, will be very close to the formation pressure in the offensive and defensive conversion stage to rely on the rush to crack or delay the gunman snatched the counterattack, Damage the opponent's offensive rhythm.
The Mustafi want to find Bellein, the results of Daniels suddenly steals off the ball in front of an open straight forward. Unfortunately, he did not add up to the wing when Mustafi points in time to no one to watch the gold, or teammates can get the opportunity to single-handedly. Finally, although off the Mustafi, but has no angle to the bottom line, the gunman's defense has also been in place, and then the effect is not very good.
On the map, we can see the Bournemouth in the Arsenal's halftime carried out a lot of steals attempt. Although not always be able to succeed, but also effectively curbed the gunman's counterattack. Once the ball can be broken, you can directly launch the second wave of attack in the other half.
In positional warfare, Bournemouth's retreat speed is very fast, once the front is not the first time off the ball, the team formation will be very fast shrink back to the half. The absolute core for the gunmen Sanchez, Bournemouth's defensive strategy is also very clear, back teammates to help defend, a person approached the interference, not rush on the rush. We all know that Sanchez this season after retracement to turn the ball to break, and finally sent a deadly pass to his teammates. But the Bournemouth back quickly, to timely defensive formation organization. While the defensive player is not rushed on the grab, Sanchez once lost a breakthrough anti-injury, it is difficult to create a real threat.
Third, opponents physical decline, the gunmen to simplify the attack to create a miracle
Three goals behind the situation has let Wenger have no choice, a rare in the game an hour to play all the cards. Lucas joined Chamberlain before playing, in theory, Arsenal's lineup is more suitable for simple and direct play. And in front of the use of running and scraping the leading Bournemouth, in 70 minutes or so physical decline has occurred, can not be maintained as before, and the formation of back to the speed of movement, coupled with personal ability to disadvantage, Arsenal Also found a breakthrough.
Arsenal's second goal, Bournemouth's defense has been out of touch, the overall formation recovery is not fast enough, the distance between the horizontal pull too much. At the top of the arc and ribs are not defensive players. Leading to Zacha in the case of unguarded to play to their strengths, accurately found Ji Lu. While Lucas also showed their excellent performance without the ball move, the use of ribs when the air into a very beautiful goal.
The emergence of red card to Arsenal to gain more space. The last goal in the stoppage of Giroux in the restricted area on the one hand is due to Arsenal into a considerable number of troops, occupy an advantage. On the other hand, Bournemouth in the restricted area before the emergence of the same problem again, no one can come forward to oppress the passer, Zacha once again get unmarked passing opportunities, this time Giro directly to the Friends Of the cross into the goal.
to sum up
The first hour of the game, Bournemouth fully occupied the advantage, Eddie. Hao in the tactical deployment has been very successful. The use of speed advantage repeated impact, repeatedly punctured Arsenal's defense, three goals have been good enough. But Wenger also did not give up, put on Lucas in a timely manner, simplifying the team's offense, the use of physical opponents down the problem targeted attacks. In the case of access to more than one person to play a go, and ultimately completed the Lianban three goals miracle.
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