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 2016-17 season, the first 21 rounds of the Premier League, Manchester City guest to challenge Goodison Park Stadium Everton. The first 11 minutes, Stirling restricted area, the referee did not indicate that the first 34 minutes, Mi Lala assists Lukaku score to break the deadlock, the first 46 minutes, Milaras goal for Everton to expand the lead , 78 minutes, Davis broke into their Premiership first ball, to help Everton seal the victory; the first 94 minutes, substitute Luke Man goal icing on the cake. In the end, Everton 4-0 victory over Manchester City at home.

Manchester City last round at home 2-1 win over Burnley, FA Cup also 5-0 victory over West Ham, the state maintained a good, the current Manchester City plot 42 points in the fifth column, Everton plot 30 minutes Article 7. The two sides clash of history 181 times, Manchester City 68 wins 46 level 67 slightly negative dominant, into the 246 ball 243 balls. Everton had been a period of Manchester City nemesis, but the two sides last seven league clash, Manchester City 4 wins 3 level unbeaten.
The first three minutes, Toure Road, the ball, spread to the opponent at the foot of Barkley collusion after field long pass, offside; 3 minutes later, Sarnia right cross knock, transfer the other side, Aguero The ball offside first; 8 minutes, Baines to the left, Barry biography point out the bottom line; 1 minute, Lukaku restricted area before the ball, Mirallas cross the ball, Barry hit the ball Into the open, but Mi Lalasi offside.
11 minutes, Manchester City left back to the restricted area, Stirling single-pole opportunities within the restricted area, was Baines and Roberts intercepted, Stirling fell to the ground, the referee did not show; 7 minutes later, Stirling Road break, straight 23 minutes, Aguero left breakthrough in the restricted area before being put down Hoggett, Manchester City received a free kick, Silva pushed to the front door was siege out; 1 minute later , DeBauloyne Road left pick to pass the restricted area, Stirling inserted mat shot was Roberts confiscated.
The first 27 minutes, De Brouen pass, Silva closed the right-sided ball single-pole opportunity, the goalkeeper attack destroyed; 4 minutes later, Saba Leta restricted cross before the left rib, Debreuen offside first.
The first 34 minutes, the front right side of the ball to the ball straight forward Davis, Miradas closed the ball on the right side of the middle knock Road, Lukaku Road, flattering to the left, Tuishe goal to break the right side, Egypt Everton 1-0 lead Manchester City. 37 minutes, Manchester City corner out, Morrie header rescue, Stirling left the ball hit the ball high; the first 44 minutes, Everton corner out of Perimeter Murray cross from the left, the ball was confiscated Bravo .
Half cruised, Everton 1-0 ahead of Manchester City.
Easy side battles, the first 46 minutes, Everton counterattack, before the middle of the road Luca Kuta ball low ball ball ramp, Buckley frontier closed the ball get oblique pass restricted, the right side of the restricted area Miradas get the ball, right Foot shot goal on the left break, Everton 2-0 Manchester City. 53 minutes, Manchester City distal free kick open to the restricted area, Stones closed header by the goalkeeper confiscated; 6 minutes later, Manchester City won the left free kick, closed the middle of the ball was siege.
The first 61 minutes, Manchester City substitutions to make adjustments, replaced Sabaleta, put Ishena Qiao; 2 minutes later, the Isinacho Road is given a mind behind the ball, Roberts attack the ball confiscated; the first 68 minutes , Three minutes later, Aguero before the restricted area of ​​the ball, cold shot by the goalkeeper saved; the first 75 minutes, Saginho, Toure points to the right of Silva, Silva biography, was siege out of the bottom line; 77 minutes, Manchester City front left-back free kick, Yayatulei directly hit the door was Roberts confiscated.
The first 78 minutes, Davis to the restricted area before the ball, cross-Barkley, Barkley and then back to Davis, Davis right-sided small-angle single goalkeeper jab to break. Everton 3-0 to seal the victory. The first 84 minutes, Everton attack, Buckley frontier closed Zhise, Luca library plug in the far corner to hit the bottom line; the first 90 minutes, Stirling to Aguero, Aguero frontier closed area suddenly Lengjian was Defensive player denied; the first 92 minutes, Lu Kaku and Otamendi clash, Lu Kaku will Otta Di top down, the two sides each to eat a yellow card.
The first 94 minutes, Coleman on the right plug, Stone siege to rebound to the restricted area, Luke Man unguarded, oblique shot broke, Everton 4-0 Manchester City.
The end of the audience, Everton 4-0 win over Manchester City at home.
Everton: 1 - Roberts; 30 - Hoggert, 5 - Williams, 25 - Morrie; 23 - Coleman, 26 - Tom - Davis, 18 - Barry (73 '16 - McCarthy) , 3 - Bairns; 11 - Mi Lalasi (64 '2 - Schneider forest), 8 - Buckley (89' 31 - Lockman)
Manchester City Lineup: 1 - Bravo; 3 - Sarnia, 30 - Otamendi, 24 - Stones, 22 - Clichy; 42 - Yaya - Toure, 5 - Sabaleta (61 7-Stirling, 17-Debronet, 21-Silva; 10-Aguero
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