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 Italian Cup 1/8 finals opened the curtain. Serie A giants Inter Milan sits at home against the same from the Serie A Bologna. The first half, the first 33 minutes, Murray Fahrenheit hanging hook, the first record for Inter, the first 39 minutes, Palacio Tuishe score to expand the score, the first 43 minutes, Zerma Yili Bologna regain a city. The second half, the first 74 minutes, Tang Sahe headed home to score equalizer. Both 90 minutes to cruise, into overtime. 98 minutes, Candreva shot broke, Inter once again leading. The end of the game, Inter Milan beat Bologna 3-2, cut 8, ushered in the seven events of the game winning streak.

Inter Milan this season, the performance of the league can be described as twists and turns, the team early in the season despite the poor performance of the war in Europe, but the league's remarkable performance, beating the current league leader Juventus. But after the team's performance in the league is not satisfactory, a direct result of the season new coach De Boer get out of class. After the new coach Peoria took office, the team began to change the play, the state was recovering, the team's recent six-game winning streak, the league ho to take five-game winning streak, the state is quite good, and the visiting team Bologna strength in general, Ranked in the league's fourteen, there is not much relegation pressure, but with the competition for the war in Europe is far from qualified team, at the same time, the team's road record is quite bad. The campaign, Inter is bound to play, continue good condition, compete for victory.
Bologna first half of the game kick-off, opening 3 minutes, Gardal Dini closed the frontier of the ball, a record shot was denied. 8 minutes, Edel made the left side of the restricted area positioning the ball, his choice to hit the door kick, the ball hit the high. 17 minutes, Zerma Yili large restricted area forward straight sent to the restricted area on the left, Durst got the ball directly after the door was blocked.
19 minutes, Mario restricted the right to get rid of the bottom line near the inverted triangle pass, left Gary Buer kicker shot was denied. 23 minutes, Edel ball to the right-sided Gary Buer, horizontal ball cut, the use of defensive air when a long-range goalkeeper confiscated. 33 minutes, Mario out on the right corner, Murillo penalty point near the direct volley barb hit the door, the ball straight into the left corner of the goal. Inter 1-0!
39 minutes, Mario on the right-sided passway restricted area, follow-up Palacio offside success, in the face of goalkeeper, calm Tuishe hit the goal far corner, the ball fleeing into the goal, Inter 2-0!
43 minutes, Gabriel frontcourt was broken, Di Francisco launched a counterattack, the ball reached the restricted area reached the left, the inverted triangle to the road Zemai Yili, turned around after the kicker hit the door, the ball hit the body in the Condor than change Line network. Bologna regain a city, 1-2!
The second half of the game easy side battles, 49 minutes, Edel closed arc ball in front of the restricted area, follow-up Mario header, but unfortunately the top side. 54 minutes, Edel then teammates left the ball, the front of the big restricted area long-range direct, the ball slightly missed the goal. 57 minutes, Palacio right-sided ball to the middle of the road, Edel scored the ball after the ball inside the cut, a long shot from the outside, the ball wipe the column out of the bottom line.
63 minutes, Dambrosio behind kicking, the referee produced a yellow card warning. 67 minutes, Mario midfielder steals, get the ball a little adjustment, a long shot was goalkeeper Puzhu. 74 minutes, Massina kicker pass, followed by the front door of the Tang Sahe Gongmen, the ball straight into the goal, the score was equalized 2-2!
78 minutes, Edel left cross knock Road, follow-up of Icardi did not hit the ball. 84 minutes, Icardi closed the road in the ball, withstand defensive turn volley was denied.
90 minutes, Mario and Icardi played with a small range, Icardi sent Zhise, Mario restricted area left the ball, small-angle Tuishe was denied.
End time-out, the two sides draw 2-2, into overtime.
Overtime in the first half, 95 minutes, Di Francesco left the road cross knock the middle of the road, but fortunately Mendel fill the ball in time to break out. 98 minutes, Icardi restricted area on the right cross knock Road, the ball was denied, after the point Candreva grabbed the ball, a mind shot penetration rival goal, the score rewrite to 3-2, Inter Milan and then take the initiative.
104 minutes, Ma Ye Ta defense behind the leg is too high, the referee sentenced the ball. 105 minutes, Medell action too large was a yellow card.
Overtime the second half began, 108 minutes, Candreva tactical foul, tipped opponents, was booked. 112 minutes, Mario in the vicinity of the ball steals, to accelerate the ball breakthrough, a direct long-range outside the restricted area, the ball wide of the goal. 113 minutes, Iqaldi left crossing the middle of the road, accurate to find the front of the Mario, the ball straight goalkeeper, direct kick shot missed.
117 minutes, Dobro Rocio Houchangchangzhuan, Brozovic front of the ball, horizontal ball within the cut, the ball was to prevent the destruction of the players.
The end of the match, Inter Milan 3-2 victory over Bologna, the Italian Cup top 8.
The two sides lineup:
Inter Milan: 5 - Galliardini, 6 - Joao Mario, 7 - Condorcia, 8 - Palacio (71'9 - Icardi), 15 - Ansar Di, Mendel, 23-Edel (93 'Brozowicz), 24-Murillo, 30-Cariso, 33-Dambrosio, 96-Gabriel-Barbosa (71'87) - Candreva)
Bologna: 1-Dacosta, 2-Ynkomo, 4-Kraft, 5-Erik-Pulga, 10-D'Estero (78'30-Okevenkovo) (60'7-Mounier), 25-Massina, 31-Zemaire (71'16-Najib)
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