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 King's Cup 1/4 final first leg, Real Madrid sits at the Bernabeu stadium ushered in the impressive strength of the Celta challenge. Second half Celtta counterattack, Aspas first break, Marcelo melee volley in the volley will equalize, followed by Aspas assists Joni Tuishe broke again lead, Benzema debut missed the opportunity to equalize the first leg Real Madrid home 1-2 loss to Celta. Real Madrid suffered two straight.

Real Madrid in the last round of Real Madrid away on the road was tragically reversed in Seville, the final 1-2 guest Pisi Juan Stadium to eat a defeat, which is the first time Real Madrid lost 284 days, 40 games across the season undefeated Records also end. Celta in the past five games all win, since 2017 4 war unbeaten, and its once in the league among Lectra Barcelona. The campaign, C Luo partner Vazquez, Asensio starting, Danilo rotation starting.
The first half began, Real Madrid took the lead kickoff. 2 minutes, Vasquez restricted area before the door was confiscated by goalkeeper. 4 minutes, Marcelo left inside the restricted area of ​​the bottom line after the cross-cross goal knocked knocked in front of the goalkeeper. 6 minutes, Rado Ya restricted area on the right into the restricted area of ​​the ball, Casamiro former nodded the ball siege. 7 minutes, the gas field before the right-sided biography was goalkeeper steadily Puzhu. 8 minutes, bangda frontier closed low shot missed. 9 minutes, Modric restricted area on the right cross knocked out by defender Bigfoot. 9 minutes, pass from the left side of the Asencio, after point Vazquez header point to the middle, the defender timely siege. 11 minutes, cross the left corner into the restricted area, the former point was the header siege. 12 minutes, Aspas front right on the ball sweep the door directly out of the front line. 14 minutes, C Luo before the middle of the road set the ball to pick up the restricted area, Ramos did not reach the ball enough.
16 minutes, Cross cross the restricted area before the arc ball, C Luo bottom line of the bottom line of a small angle heading out the bottom line. 19 minutes, Ramos backcourt steals, Vazquez counter-attack closed the top of the arc gate goalkeeper Puzhu. 21 minutes, the right-sided mass of Asenio, C Luo jumped header did not hit the head. 24 minutes, Asencio cross from the left to block out the bottom line. 25 minutes, Vazquez restricted area before the right-sided cross-slope 45 degrees, Ramos shakes the door was goalkeeper clinging. 28 minutes, Vazquez restricted area within the strong right-sided line inverted triangular cross, the defender grabbed the ball before the rescue C Luo. 29 minutes, Diaz restricted area long-range goalkeeper confiscated. 30 minutes, cross the restricted area arc Tuishe goalkeeper confiscated.
32 minutes, Vazquez inside the restricted area of ​​the right-sided cut inside the door was blocked. 33 minutes, Asensio cross from the left, Ramos in the restricted area after the ball cross knock, C Luo Tuishe not marked power by the defender siege. 37 minutes, modriy restricted oblique before the pass, C Luo closed offside. 38 minutes, the gas inside the restricted area right-sided ball directly hit the door was goalkeeper confiscated. 39 minutes, Casemira Luo Zhise restricted, C Luo fell to the ground within the restricted area, the referee did not do that. 39 minutes, Casemira restricted area long-range missed. 41 minutes, Danilo 45-degree cross on the right was siege.
The end of the first half, both sides did not break, Real Madrid 0-0 Celta.
The second half began, Celta in the circle kick-off. 49 minutes, C Luo restricted area arc top door hit goalkeeper confiscated. 54 minutes, Vazquez on the right front 45-degree pass, the defender headed out the bottom line. 57 minutes, Mora restricted area hit the left door on the left side of the bar. 58 minutes, Vasquez closed front door hit the door higher. 62 minutes, after the field long pass straight out of the bottom line. 63 minutes, Celta counterattack, Bongonda inside the restricted area pass in the left, Marcelo not far from the rescue, Aspas Road shot broke the restricted area, Real Madrid 0-1 Celta.
68 minutes, cross the right corner into the restricted area was siege. 69 minutes, Modric on the right cross from the header, the restricted area left-footed Marcelo left foot instep volley to score the equalizer, Real Madrid 1-1 Celta.
70 minutes, Aspas before the middle of the road Zhise, Jordan Road, Tuishe broke the restricted area, Real Madrid 1-2 Celta.
72 minutes, C Luo closed forefront of the left foot Tuishe goalkeeper confiscated. 75 minutes, Modric restricted area pass by the right-sided goalkeeper off. 77 minutes, Casemiro was long-range goalkeeper clinging. 78 minutes, Marcelo cross from the left was goalkeeper to hold. 80 minutes, Marcelo restricted the front door was denied the bottom line. Modric right corner into the restricted area, Wallane shakes the door slightly wide. 82 minutes, Marcelo cross from the left, after the point point to the door before the point of Mora Ta, Benzema volley hit fly.
85 minutes, Molatta cross before the restricted area was broken. 87 minutes, Karim Benzema left the ramp crossing the restricted area directly out of the bottom line. 88 minutes, Ramos back after a long pass, C Luo offside.
The whole end of the game, the second half Celta counterattack, Aspas took the lead in the Marcelo melee volley in the volley to tie the game, then Aspas assists Joni Tuishe broke again lead, Benzema off the bench missed Equalizer, the first leg of Real Madrid home 1-2 loss to Celta.
Real Madrid: 13-Casilia; 12-Marcelo, 5-Wallane, 4- Ramos, 23-Danilo (79 '9-Benzema); 14-Casemira, 19 - Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho,
Corta: 1 - Alvarez; 19 - Castro, 24 - Long Calria, 22 - Cabral, 2 Maro; 5 - Diaz, 6 - Laduoya; 8 (86 '11-Sisto); 10 - Aspas (81' 20 - Gomez) .
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