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 2016-17 season, the FA Cup third round replay at home Park stadium, Liverpool away to the British team Plymouth. The first 18 minutes, Kutiniao corner assists Lucas headed home, Liverpool away to lead. The first 75 minutes, Jervis's volley shot hit the column sideways, Plymouth almost equalized. 86 minutes, Oregon penalty kick was the other goalkeeper confiscated. The final Liverpool away 1-0 victory over Plymouth, the next round, the opponent is Wolves.

In Beijing January 8, 2017 for the FA Cup third round, the rotation of most of the main Liverpool home 0-0 and British team Plymouth shake hands, in accordance with the rules, the two teams had 10 days Go to Plymouth home replay. Count on the "double red will" away 1-1 draw with Manchester United, Liverpool last 4 games record of only 3 1 negative. The face of the game weaker Plymouth, Klopp's team can win the opponent, won the first five wins in the next round of the next round, worth the wait.
With the referee whistle, the whole game began. 8 minutes, Stuart Ridge restricted the front foot after the restricted area of ​​the long-range adjustment, the ball slightly higher than the beam. The first 11 minutes, the ball from the right Arnold, Kudiniao after a low kick shot, the ball was Plymouth players door online rescue. The first 12 minutes, Kudiniao sent out a straight forward, Stewart Ridge offside formation of single-pole, reached the restricted area buckle back defense Plymouth players were stumbled, the referee said nothing.
The first 18 minutes, Kudiniao out of the left corner, Lucas before the point close shakes the door succeeded! Liverpool 1-0 away lead!
The first 20 minutes, Carre front suddenly kicker long-range, Kaliwusi flying ball saved. The first 25 minutes, Gomez pulled down to eat a yellow card. 25 minutes, the audience stood ovation for the death of a 25-year-old Plymouth fans mourn. 33 minutes, Plymouth launched a counterattack, Serel Kolde right-sided ball over the trip Lucas, to the bottom line near the cross road, back to the anti-Arnold rush in Garita before the ball siege the bottom line.
Half cruised, Liverpool rely on Lucas' s break, temporarily in a 1-0 lead Plymouth.
Easy side battles, the first 46 minutes, Fox kicked off a strong low shot before the restricted area, Calius fell to the ground confiscated the ball. The first 51 minutes, Eyaliya pull Jervis eat yellow card. The first 56 minutes, Liverpool left cross the restricted area, Stewart Ridge point after a foot shot missed. 59 minutes, Oregon restricted area before the horizontal swing angle kick shot low, McCormick firmly seized the ball.
The first 69 minutes, Mike Mickey kicked the ball when kicked on the looting of Wilson's lap, the ball rebounded slightly higher than the beam, Liverpool almost have the opportunity to accept the other goalkeeper gift! The first 71 minutes, Stuart Ridge and Ao Liji hit the wall with, reached the restricted area kicked the door, McCormick fell to the ground the ball saved.
The first 75 minutes, Plymouth left long attack, Bradley restricted area on the right header ferry, Jervis penalty spot sideways volley, the ball hit the left column pop-up bottom line!
84 minutes, Ochoi diving to eat a yellow card. The first 86 minutes, Songaoo within the restricted area of ​​shoveling Moreno, the referee decisive penalty kick, and Songao to produce a yellow card! Oregon hit the penalty kick to the middle of the penalty, McCormick accurate judgments, the ball fell to the ground confiscated! Liverpool missed the opportunity to expand the score!
The first 94 minutes, Burlington put down Woodburn eat a yellow card.
In the end, Liverpool beat Plymouth 1-0 away.
Both teams:
Plymouth starting: 23 - Mike McCormick, 18 - Strelkold, 4 - Songo, 15 - Bradley, 16 - Princeton, 11 - Donaldson (67'27-tower 24-Fawkes, 10-Carre, 14-Jervis, 26-Garetta (72'20-Wayne Rooney), 8-Slow (80'5-Bulvitus)
Substitutes: 3 - Sayer, 5 - Bulvites, 20 - Wayne Rooney, 21 - Dorell, 27 - Tana, 30 - Fletcher, 32 - Rose
Liverpool starting: 1 - Cullius, 66 - Arnold, 12 - Gomez, 21 - Lucas, 18 - Moreno, 35 - Stewart, 53 - Aria, 10 - Kudiniao (65 '59 - Wilson), 58 - Woodburn, 27 - Oregon, 15 - Stewart Ritchie (76'54- Ocho)
Substitutes: 17 - Clavin, 22 - Mino Le, 49 - Williams, 54 - Ocho, 56 - Randall, 59 - Wilson, 61 - Alves
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