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 2016-2017 season, the first quarter of the Spanish King's Cup quarterfinals continue to war, the defending champion Barcelona guest Anoetta Stadium challenges the Royal Society. The game, Barcelona show a strong determination to win. The last league in the main full of frozen debut, and they have been carrying out a very good 442 defensive formation. In the end, with Nei Maer's goal, Barcelona 1-0 away defeat in the Royal Society, in the two rounds of competition system in the upper hand. It is worth mentioning that this is Barcelona since May 2007, the first time in the away win over the Royal Society.

1. Defensive end 442, with a strong aggressive
In 2017, Barcelona in the defensive end of the arrangement more attention. They are often Luis Suarez and Messi to stay in the front, while the other players are required to quickly recover to ensure that their own side of the number of defensive enough.
The first half of the game, the Royal Society of the attack, Barcelona midfielder players to move quickly, and Nei Maer also back on defense to their own half. Real Madrid want to fight against Barcelona left, a foot transfer ball was Nemar timely interception. And steals the ball, the Nei Maer through his foot technology, creating a rival foul, so the ball was firmly in control of Barcelona.
Into the second half, the score leading Barcelona, ​​more attention to adhere to their 442 tactics, to ensure the density and intensity of defense. And in the left wing, their defense is actually very aggressive. Gomez replaced the second half, combined with Nei Maer, in the active grab on the same time, have a good ability to fight back.
This can be seen is that Nei Maer grab after the Gomez pull to the sidewalk, forming a 442 and 433 deformation and the state of the switch at any time. The Gomez steals, if the first time passed to Nei Maer, will form a good opportunity to fight back.
The Barcelona on the left of the defense, with good mobility and aggressive. Unfortunately, Gomez intercepted the ball, failed to complete the fight back in time. But even if the anti-robbery by the success of the Royal Society, Busquets or resolve the opponent's offensive intentions to ensure the side's defense and stability.
2. Barcelona-style counterattack, focusing on the left
Combined with the 442 formation, Barcelona in the game played some good counterattack. Nei Maer retracement after the main circle as if recovery, with the right jab in the next ready to complete the deadly blow from the left.
After the start of the first half of the game, Barca defense line teenager Uminti opening stage of the ball a bit hesitant, which makes the aggressive closing of the Royal Society formed a certain threat. The Ummiti Ti appeared two consecutive transmission errors, to the Royal Society players shot in the restricted area positive opportunities.
However, Ummiti soon proved himself to be a trustworthy young man. He in the next game, the ball in a similar position on the ball to complete a good pass directly, the center position retracement of Suarez cleverly a leak. To the left deadly Sha Zhao Nei Maer forward to insert the opportunity, this punch finally found his own play time. Made the restricted area into the royal community players foul, for Barcelona to win a penalty. In addition, Nei Maer personally surgeon, calmly hit the ball, helping the team to get ahead.
The second half, the conscious recovery formation, and Gomez and Busquets placed in the middle of the formation of double partner defense mode, Barcelona's counterattack becomes more layered. The Busquets in the collusion of Pick's header after the ball turned to complete a very high quality straight ball, found the front of the Luis Suarez. Uruguayers clever sub-edge, Messi follow-up, Nei Maer formation of anti-sets, get a good offensive effect. Unfortunately, Nei Maer shot after the corner shot shot, did not wrap, the ball flew the bottom line.
3. Iniesta before the end, Barcelona once formed control field
Although Barcelona in the game, using the 442 formation, and the second half more through the counter to threaten the opponent. But in the first half, in Iniesta before the end of injury, in fact, Barcelona is still a good control of the initiative on the scene.
This Barcelona-specific "flap" continuous transmission with, in the first half there have been many times. From Busquets pass Messi, Messi handed to Iniesta, and then passed to Messi. The defense of the Royal Society is the Barcelona pass the nose, they hold down very fierce, but can not find the development effort. As if playing on cotton, no effect.
We can see is that Barcelona this midfield with the continuous transmission. From the dream of the three generations of the core characters Messi, Iniesta and Busquets. Only the genius to complete such a smooth transfer, Messi after sub-edge to Nei Maer, Nei Maer holding pressure into the restricted area back to do, unfortunately, Messi's favorite inverted triangle attack mode, and ultimately failed to complete a fatal one hit.
In this attack, Iniesta use his unique talent. Through the rhythm of the ball and the insight for the space, to plug in the post-Digny sent a pass, but Dene in front of an open situation, the impact of the placement point is worse. This is a big gap between him and Alba, Spain's left-back passer quality is clearly much higher than Dignes.
Unfortunately, the intermission, Iniesta was replaced because of injury, and now do not know how long to injury. His absence will have no small impact on Barcelona.
End of the article:
Winning the game, Luis - Enrique became Rijkaard in 2007, the first captain of the Arnoeta stadium Barcelona coach. The team in the game to complete a very active move and defensive position, played a wonderful game. And finally scrubbed the team in the past nine years of shame, smashing the Arnoldta's curse.
This will be a strong rebound in 2017 Barcelona a key turning point? let us wait and see.
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