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 2016-2017 Bundesliga season 17 reburning war, the leader of Bayern Munich away to Freiburg. Bayern opened the first half of the gift, Habeel Tuishe break start dream, 35 minutes, Costa strikers opportunity to help Levin equalized. The second half, both sides have the opportunity to grasp each other, injury-time stage Levin lore. In the end, Freiburg 1-2 home loss to Bayern Munich.

The past five Bundesliga Bayern victory, just the end of the German Telecom Cup, they also won the championship. Bundesliga history, Bayern record of Freiburg reached 22 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses, obvious advantages, but recently two away, Bayern record of Freiburg is only 1 level 1 negative. At present, Tiago and Boateng injury due to lack of war, Bud Xu Yuehua Schalke loan, Robben renewal of 1 year.
Freiburg in the winter break before the 4 rounds of league performance, get 2 wins 2 level unbeaten record. In the Bundesliga standings, Freiburg has risen to 8, early away from the relegation zone. Kempf and Niedermeier were wounded.
After the opening of the two sides attack each other, Mule right under the end of the pass, Levan restricted area header but not too much threat. 4 minutes, Bayern ball throw by Freiburg cut fast counter-attack, the middle of a row of the ball, Griffin pick biography, Ha Beile broke into the restricted area Tuishe goal lower left corner, 1-0!
The first 7 minutes, Freiburg midfielder in the second steals back, Griffin forward, Philip right-sided low ball in the ball, Niedelejen stop shooting was Martinez blocking, Bayern counterattack, Robben right Road after the high-cut volley. The first 12 minutes, Steinzel steals the left cross, Niederlena cross road, Neuer attack to get the ball. The first 14 minutes, Ram ball Levin Zhisai, Robben broke into the restricted area but the goalkeeper first step to get the ball.
The first 18 minutes, Muller oblique position of the top of the Levin Leaning, which then straight Zhiluoben but opponents intercepted. Two minutes later, Freiburg counterattack, Niederlena long-range did not threaten Neuer. 22 minutes, Fernando Alonso had a long pass to play behind him, Alabama broke into the restricted area but in the closing down by the goalkeeper to get the ball. The first 27 minutes, Robben on the right after the rapid breakthrough in the restricted area after the pick point, Vidal stop the ball turned around and rubbed shot far corner goalkeeper flapped out.
The first 33 minutes, Freiburg steals the ball to pass behind, Niederlejna almost single-handedly, but he was the ball was Martinez was intercepted. 34 minutes, Robben on the right pass in the restricted area, Costa swept the road, Levan stopped the ball turned to pass the guard was Franz flying blocked gun. The first 35 minutes, Bayern left corner by Costa out, Levin back insert volley pad, the goalkeeper met there is no way, 1-1, Bayern equalizer!
39 minutes, Niederlene Na Zhisai, Gunter to follow up near the bottom line to prepare for mass, Martinez ball shovel out the bottom line.
Half cruised, Freiburg temporarily 1-1 Bayern Munich.
Easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, Robben right-sided threat to pass, Levin before the point of the ball, Muller stopped the ball fell to the ground shovel shot just wide. Two minutes later, Griffin's free kick directly Gongmen, the ball over the wall of the rapid decline of the right side of the column unfortunately missed the column. The first 50 minutes, Robben ball inside the ball after the ball on the left side, Costa follow-up ball but was put down a large restricted area, the referee did not say. Subsequently, Robben once again within the pick pick, Costa follow-up swept the middle of the road was siege out of the bottom line.
The first 54 minutes, Robben cross knock, Muller from behind the defender to stop the ball and then pass Levin Tuishe Kongmen, but the referee sentenced Muller foul. A minute later, Robbenne cut to the top of the arc position of the top-left corner of the goal, Schwabing flying the ball saved. The first 60 minutes, Bayern tactical corner out, Robben pick pass in front of Hu Myers shakes the door was Schwauau confiscated.
64 minutes, Bayern midfielder Zhisai behind Robben follow-up was blown offside, but slow mirror playback this is a miscarriage of justice. 69 minutes, Bayern old Peterson bench debut. The first 72 minutes, Bernard down at the end of the biography was, the two sides Zhengding was Torrejon top, arc top position Alonso stopped the ball hit the defensive player hit the bottom line. Then Freiburg counterattack long pass, Philip volley higher. The first 75 minutes, Habeile broke into the restricted area against Hu Meyers fell to the ground, the referee showed a yellow card that Habeile Diving.
The first 79 minutes, Franck Ribery pass inside the restricted area of ​​Robben, which was sealed out of the volley. The first 83 minutes, Bayern left corner out, guard and goalkeeper with errors, the restricted area within the ball Tuishe higher than the ball. A minute later, Philipe long shot straight goal far post, but the ball rub column column qualify.
The first 88 minutes, Philip winger dribbling in the post-point, Peterson straight corner, but Neuer stopped the ball confiscated. 89 minutes, Lahm pick the restricted area, Levan stopped turning encountered double team, the ball was Torrejon rescue. Time-out stage, Franck Ribery pick the restricted area, Levin leaps back from the chest to stop the ball, turned left foot to adjust the fire, the ball slowly rolled into the net, 1-2! Bayern lore!
The first 93 minutes, Robben counterattack in the long-range Tuishe, the ball just wide of the Kongmen.
In the end, Freiburg 1-2 lost to Bayern Munich.
Yellow card information: 30'14-Alonso 48'11-Douglas-Costa 75'19-Haberle 84'1-Schwarau
Starting List:
Bayern (4-2-3-1): 1 - Neuer / 27 - Alabama (71'18 - Bernard) 5 - Hu Meyers 8 - Martinez 21 - Ram / 14 - Alonso 23 - Vidal (55'32-Kimmich) / 11-Douglas-Costa (71'7-Ribery) 25-Muller 10-Robben / 9-Lewandowski
Freiburg (4-4-2): 1-Schwolau / 15-Stenzer (83'17-Kübler) 5-Gould 3-Torrejon 30-Gunter / 26- Hoffler 8 - Franz 32 - Griffith / 7 - Niederlehner (69'18 - Peterson) 19 - Haberle (80'11-Boulth)
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