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 Would someone be surprised by Memphis Depp's departure from Manchester United? I'm afraid not.

This unruly Dutchman never seem to step on the Manchester United step forward. From the top of the Eredivisie and Armor Golden Boot aura of the halo come from the moment, to the beginning of the first glimpse of a flash to the paradigm of the system outside the helpless free, and then to the complete collapse of the United States Mubu Shuaizhi ... ... In De Pei, this A half-season experience is like driving his luxury car through a deep tunnel - even occasional bright embellishment, but it is difficult to break away from the dark tie.
And Depp also Step Mary's footsteps, to inherit the mission of the Red Devils mantle 7 smashed a smash. In order to look forward to this heavy sense of history of the shirt re-Hwan vitality, Manchester United fans can do nothing but wait.
Obviously, De Pei's sadness to leave is a long gestation brewing for a long time. Let us look at the following set of data -
This season so far, De Pei in the Premiership played a total of only 20 minutes, there is no data to gain; in November 19 last year after the draw with Arsenal, Despei has nine consecutive rounds of the league and missed the big list; The only time the season started in the Carling Cup last September, when he was facing the opponent is mixed in the League of Northampton; and in February last year and the Japan Cup in the European Cup knockout, Germany Pei no longer in the race for the Manchester United scored goals or assists ... ...
Earlier this month, Mourinho has said that if Deppe is willing to stay at the Old Trafford stadium, then he will be able to get some playing opportunities. However, in fact, Mourinho has long been in their own tactical board to rub the name of De Peiping. This season, Mashal is Mourinho left wing position in the number one candidate, and in the Ma Shire behind is a hard-working Lingard. Even if occasionally let Rooney or Rushford guest on the left, Jose Mourinho has always been habitually De Pei forgotten in the corner.
De Pei under the command of Mourinho in the cold, can be said that the inevitable effect of various factors blend. On the one hand, Mourinho is not in love with this physical quality burst table, but the lack of discipline and team awareness of the attacker hand; the other hand, De Pei strange character and style is turned into constraints of his shackles of progress.
De Pei's character is like a complex and chaotic collection, it is difficult for outsiders to have accurate pinch. And the most prominent labels he labels, perhaps, are self-confidence, a near-conceited, strong self-confidence.
"I was Memphis, I know what I want, I'm not born for supporting roles.
"I never feel nervous, I do not have any pressure, when I was in the field, nothing can interfere with me.
"Press Control-Alt -Delete. Looking out the window, I need a fresh start. I'm still that Memphis, I'm better than Eindhoven, I learned more, is changing. Getting stronger and stronger. "
Derpe's quotes are filled with almost bursting self-confidence. It is difficult to tell whether the divorced childhood experiences of the parents had shaped Desperado's personality; but in the course of the game, the angular nature of the show is most vividly exposed. Last season in the league, Deppe averaged only 0.4 times the key to pass, the data even than Rojo, Damien and Valencia and other backcourt teammates. When the amazing nature of the flying wing properties were Paoko only left the rampage of the heroism, the "tumor" hat will be mercilessly from heaven.
At the same time, Diaopi seems to be on the picky onlookers who are not cold. De Pei almost no signs of convergence because of the dressed, eye-catching luxury cars, high-profile show loving and mocking predecessors and tasted when the dictatorship. In all-pervasive England football, this publicity style is often a football career in exchange for chronic suicide.
As a result, the cold-eye and prejudice carved out of the lonely De Pei. The positive signals he releases, often consciously or unintentionally, are downplayed - a real prickly head, like Deppe, sweating in the gym and training ground, always respecting his coach and never in public Has the occasion expressed dissatisfaction with the terrible situation?
Today, Desper's self-struggle has been in Manchester United draw on the rest, whether it is Van Gaal or Mourinho can not be this lost horse to lead a smooth road. Lyon may indeed be a good choice - where De Pei's number one rival is already 32-year-old Val Verne Aenea; and the French media is not as strong as the British counterparts guns short gun, which should be De Pei Providing a relatively relaxed external environment.
However, Manchester United fans also need to draw some time to lick another disappointed left after 7 left the wound. In the temple of the Dream Theater, the No. 7 red shirt like holy totem, Denis Law, George Best, Brian Robson, Cantona, David Beckham and C Luo's reputation are all Ruleiguaner. But in the C Lo fought Bernabeu, he seems to take away the magic of Manchester United on the 7th ancient and modern, after the successor who has always been difficult to write exclusively for its glory.
Owen although the occasional gains, but Liverpool's descent so that he never really captured the fans of the favor; Valencia has been Manchester United's meritorious veteran, but that period of wearing Manchester United 7 time has witnessed his Dream Theater The most depressed years. Then, the price to join Di Maria once played the shadow of the predecessors of the hero, but Van Gaal ball-first tactical ideas and constantly changing attack routines, or let Di Maria into Gaokaidizou dilemma , Angel in a season after the stay was swept out. As a result, De Peiang took over the already no longer the magic number 7 shirt, then the story has no need to go into details ... ...
Compared to Owen and Valencia, Di Maria and Despe's distraction is clearly more difficult to accept the Red Devils fans. After all, these two high-profile acquisitions have been high hopes, but unfortunately the final good read also unfortunately unsuccessful. It is difficult to despise the root of their fall with the history of No. 7 jerseys curse directly into the equal sign, but belongs to the glorious years of the 7th to the psychological pressure caused by post-it is indeed conceivable. For the ability is still, the spirit of the property is relatively weak players who, saddled with the traditional power forward may not be what happiness.
At the same time, Manchester United's transfer strategy and tactical style also need to get a cool look. Strong capital reserves do not mean to enjoy the squandering, two consecutive low cost of "parallel imports" on the 7th for the management to wake up "rational consumption" alarm? Wanderers in Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho under the rule of the survival crisis, which is a kind of backward or an evolution?
Similar thinking also left an extension of the space, and in the mystery after the announcement, the Red Devils 7, the succession may be ushered in the cloud when the day.
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