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 2016-17 Season 22 of the Premier League, Arsenal sits on the Emirates Stadium against Burnley. The first 59 minutes, Ozil assists Mustafi headed break to break the deadlock, the first 66 minutes, Zacha shovel foul was sent directly under the red card, the first 92 minutes, Section Kuilin sent points, Gray kicked overnight; Minutes, Coase Czerny for Arsenal to win the penalty, Sanchez lore. Eventually, Arsenal 2-1 lore Burnley.

Arsenal in the last round of league 4 to 0 victory over Swansea, the last 5 games they get 4 wins and 1 unbeaten record, the last four league 3 wins and 1 level. In the Premiership standings, arsenal temporarily fourth, but the second from the spurs only 1 point away. The history of the two sides a total of 100 confrontation record, Arsenal 48 wins 21 level 31 negative prevail, into the 176 ball lost 123 ball. Which at home against Burnley, Arsenal made 31 wins, nine draws and nine losses of success, into the 109 ball lost 49 goals. The two teams last 7 times against Arsenal 6 wins and 1 level unbeaten, the last 5 consecutive victories.
5 minutes later, Sanchez cross from the left, Giroux header ferry was the other defender siege; 11 minutes, Sanchez to pass the biography of Schneider, Sanchez crossed the ball in the first two minutes, 3 minutes later, Ozil outside the restricted area hit the door, the goalkeeper saved the ball side; the first 16 minutes, the right-sided corner of Arsenal, Sanchez Chuan Chuan (microblogging), Jeremy Jersey, , Coase Czerny Qiangdian header Gongmen, Heaton the ball confiscated.
21 minutes, Ozil cross from the left, Giroux hit the door to fight the left foot; 2 minutes later, Ramsay on the right cross was siege, Ozil left the ball, direct kicker long-range, The first 27 minutes, Sanchez left long pass to the restricted area, Ozil plug unloaded the ball, but has been offside first; 1 minute later, Boyd right-sided biography, was directly confiscated Cech .
The first 30 minutes, Sanchez left oblique plug, to Monreal reverse triangle pass, Ozil hit the door was McKean rescue the bottom line; 1 minute, Ramsey stepped left rib pass, Kyrgyzstan Lu Yabi the ball into the restricted area, Walton top of the ball out of the beam; the first 40 minutes, Sanchez Road, the ball to get the ball in the penalty area, Perimeter long-range, Heaton fell to the ground Puzhu the ball.
Half cruised, Arsenal 0-0 temporary Burnley.
Easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, Sanchez turned, Giroux header ferry, Ramsey header Gongmen the top; the first 54 minutes, Heidon long pass to the front, Cech attack the ball confiscated.
59 minutes, Arsenal get left corner, Ozil will open the ball to the road, Mustafi shakes the ball, the ball into the door. Arsenal 1-0 ahead of Burnley.
The first 66 minutes, Zacha feet off the ground shovel shovel down Defoe, the referee and the border after the red card will be dealt directly after the red card Zacha penalty. 1 minute later, Roden long pass, Barnes header after rub, Cech ball confiscated; the first 68 minutes, Arsenal substitutions, replaced with Coquillin Ivo than; 3 minutes later, Delford arbitrary The ball Gongmen saved by Cech; the first 75 minutes, Marseille Ozil foul after the end of the injury.
80 minutes, Keane midfielder Biography, Barnes closed after the ball inside the restricted area of ​​competition, Gray volley fire, did not sweep the site, the ball was Cech flapping; 86 minutes, Gilroy was replaced by Welbeck ; 2 minutes later, Ozil replaced by Belai Lin; the first 89 minutes, Ramsey biography was Benjamin Mie siege, Ke Kuilin get the ball to stop the ball chest left foot shot was goalkeeper saved.
The first 92 minutes, Ke Quilin out of the restricted area put down Barnes, the referee awarded a penalty to Burnley, Gray hit the road hit the net. Arsenal 1-1 Burnley. The first 96 minutes, Sanchez restricted low shot left goalkeeper saved.
96 minutes, Kos Czerny Keane foul inside the restricted area, the referee penalty, Sanchez hit the penalty. Arsenal 2-1 kill Burnley.
The audience ended, Arsenal 2-1 lore Burnley.
Arsenal lineup: 33-Cech; 5 Paulista, 6 Kos Czerny, 20-Mustafi, 18-Monreal; 29-Zacha, 8-Ramsey; , 11-Ozil (88 '24-Bellelin), 17-Ivo than (68' 34-Coquillin)
Burnley, 13-Hendrick (72 '19-Barton, 6-Ben-Ward; ), 8-Marne (75 '26-Traveski), 16-Telford (76' 9-Vaux)
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