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France Lyon team in the European League and Turkey's Besiktas launched two times confrontation. As the two sides after the two sides score 3: 3 level, Lyon and opponents to shoot with a penalty shootdown. Once the stalemate of the situation was Tocic and Mitrovic twice penalty missed the penalty, then Lyon Gonalon to withstand the pressure in the opponent again after the break point to break the 7: 6 total score will be sent to Lyon European League semi-finals.

In the dispute all the way to grow and grow is the common characteristics of each professional giants, for seven consecutive years aspirations to the French champions, Lectra International's top giants of the Lyon Club is also true. Jean-Michel Aulas, the chairman of Jean-Michel Aulas, has been actively exploring the club's commercial value and market potential for 30 years. He has been working with public pressure to "build a new main stadium" Players transfer transactions are also profitable, has been bold challenge stereotypes, showing the imagination and courage. In 2007, Lyon became the first listed French professional football club, it is the success of many years of market operation.

And Lyon in the UEFA Cup semi-final battle and even once again hit the championship at the same time, there is an unexpected move in China - 2017 March, Lyon (China) gaming club announced in Beijing, and fought FSL S4 season The This is the Lyon club into the Chinese market after the first big move, Lyon has thus become the first layout of China's gaming market, foreign professional sports club.

European Cup Brigade into the FIFA Online 3 professional league, FSL brand influence is the best embodiment of the rapid growth. To this year has been through the development of the four sessions of the FSL League, from the time of birth to go beyond the ordinary business of a single event, to China's most volume of the TV sports events as the goal, forming a high brand value.

First, FSL pioneering "gaming + sports + Internet" three different elements linked to build China's first sports competition. Gaming is currently highly market-oriented emerging industries, gaming projects from a single game entertainment attributes in the evolution, with their own commercial value and cultural significance. In the FSL professional league, the traditional sports and gaming interdependence, but also by the Internet space to further grow, strong into the general public vision, creating a new form of competition.

Second, FSL established a very large and stable audience. FIFA Online3 has an official authorized 40 national team, more than 30 league, 15,000 players, registered users 28 million. In the past three seasons, FSL event audience reached more than 36 million, single-day live broadcast of the number of independent visitors more than 50 million, setting a sports sports game broadcast the highest record. FSL fans constitute a large number of layers of rich, young "next generation", traditional sports enthusiasts and senior practitioners from all angles into the FSL league, deep exchange, benign interaction, formed its own ecosphere, the brand viscosity Strong, this phenomenon in the history of gaming sports is also rare.

Third, FSL to diversify the way to promote the brand, for large-scale competition into the public vision of the spread of the road to open up the experience. Such as the combination of traditional football club, training cross-border interpretation of the team, the introduction of legendary players, and the use of animation, games, live, film and television in a variety of ways to spread the brand concept, to create gaming soccer pan-entertainment marketing positions, and ultimately to achieve full flow, The brand trend.

At present, the world football is experiencing the impact of technological change and innovation, virtual reality technology into the event live, football data began to profoundly affect the football tactical analysis, competition and other fields, the traditional football club began to contact the gaming, to achieve cross-border. Thanks to the healthy development of the FSL tournament, China has become the second country in the world to achieve cross-border cooperation in gaming and soccer.

In the new season, FSL not only with the overseas giants such as Lyon cooperation, but also in the clan, players, commentary and other resources to optimize, interpretation of the inheritance and change. TMT clan champion players re-integration of Lyon, and S3 season relegated Newbee team is buzzing back to the FSL, its retired former captain Lot29 in the new season in a comprehensive transformation, joined the explanation team, S4 season first round will be 4 Start at 13:00 on March 29th.

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