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 Enrique: ball too much trouble do not want to talk about the issue of Real Madrid

Enrique refused to talk about Real Madrid, he said that just before the game to talk about the opponent.

Enrique Villarreal believe in the King's Cup semi-finals kick put in more effort than La Liga.

Enrique: ball too much trouble do not want to talk about the issue of Real Madrid

2014/15 season, the Spanish King's Cup semi-final first leg match will be in Beijing at 3:00 on February 12 started at the Nou Camp, Barcelona's home game against Villarreal. Before the game, Barcelona coach Enrique appeared before the media.

Enrique admitted: "Preparing for the game against Villarreal is not difficult, because we are in the league just recently had a battle, of course, the King's Cup semi-final with the Spanish league is different.." Well Rick added: "As long as we stay focused, play the recent level, I think we can get race results you want."

Talking about the upcoming game, Enrique said: "We know for Villarreal, the La Liga and the King's Cup to participate in the goals and tasks of different and they will focus more on the King's Cup, after all. they first entered the semi-finals. I know they have been in the Champions League in the past have had excellent performance, so they are a good team to play the Cup. "

Then Enrique briefed Barcelona, he said:. "We have the same pursuit, only two games away from the finals, this feels different league and play so now the only thing to do is win."

When asked to predict who will qualify, Enrique said: "scored the first goal of the team will win the game, so who do not want to lose the ball, of course, this is just my hunch, after the end of the game we did. know the results. In general, no matter what the outcome, I think that played a good side will win. "

Barca out of the previous downturn, Enrique said this: "In the past few seasons, the team's strength is actually very good, the desire of every coach is the same I did was let the players keep. positive momentum and confidence levels. I like that when the score remained behind to fight the team. I told the players, take every game as a final to play, and this is the reason we maintain progress. "

When asked to express their views to Barcelona when the ball data, Enrique said: "We always control the game, but sometimes we need to face some special cases the opponent's formation compress too tight, we ourselves. hard to get a space, in this case how to do?'ve encountered too many examples, some results of the competition has hurt us, so we have to find space to hurt the opponent. "

The players on the field playing happy? Enrique gives the answer: "If you feel the joy, you never get tired of the game in the other half-court offense, which let the players run up very happy, this is the way we understand the game but in preparation for tomorrow match. I still have to be ready any other case. " Alves on contract issues, Enrique reiterated his attitude: "My role is to work first-team coach, other things have a special team to deal with, so I can not answer that question."

Real Madrid recently appeared on a variety of issues, Enrique refuse to answer, he said:. "I'm just talking about the opponent before the game."

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