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 Barca win five factors

Camp Nou stadium, to put pressure on opponents, toughness, Iniesta and Mascherano are crucial victory over Barcelona in the King's Cup first leg Villarreal.

Camp Nou: Before the game began, the Nou Camp for the Oddar - Late Ke silence. When the referee blew the opening whistle, 57,378 fans inside the stadium Camp Nou has been the players began to cheer, they become hard to promote

Barcelona's King's Cup final to qualify 12th man. Wednesday's King's Cup match of the season at the Nou Camp last game, like the previous three games against Huesca, Elche and Atletico Madrid match as Barcelona won the first leg of the race.

To put pressure on opponents: Barcelona striker with three to Villarreal midfielder who exerted tremendous pressure on the opponent an opportunity to let pass calmly. It is this tactic to Barcelona to a 1-0 lead, Neymar and Iniesta closing down let Suarez from the foot of Musa Keogh steals and assists Messi scored the first goal.

Iniesta: Barcelona captain led from the first minute to the team forward. In the San Mames stadium Iniesta holiday campaign has outstanding performance in defense and attack. It was his second-half goals to help Barcelona 2 to 1 lead. In addition, his excellent dribbling fans continue to win applause. Before the end of the game, Iniesta face surrounded by four Mingbiliya real players without fear, continuous breakthroughs opponent can only use foul to stop his breakthrough.

Toughness: San Mames stadium on Sunday and Wednesday against Villarreal, Barca have demonstrated their toughness. After being broke rivals Barcelona responded quickly. Athletic Bilbao on when, after Aduriz scored just two minutes and 26 seconds, Barca will expand the score again for 3 to 1. For Villarreal when Terry Gross scored, Iniesta only took 1 minute 46 seconds to break quickly.

Mascherano: Enrique Javier Mascherano Wednesday decided to change the appearance and playing defensive midfielder. Not surprisingly, excellent positional sense to let Mascherano controlled the midfield. His aggressiveness is the key to curbing Villarreal counterattack. Every time he steals lead fans cheering, especially the first 61 minutes, when Javier Mascherano tackles Qielishefu nice time even more so.

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