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We have the following two ways to earn commissions.

If you have a considerable number of followers / Subscribers to your YouTube channel, Twitch, Facebook or Twitter, or you have a Website with a considerable number of visitors and searching for a Partner / Sponsor as Big as Xfifa

How to Join XFIFA Sponsorship Program?

You just have to contact the Partnerships Development Manager by:

Email : service@xfifa.com

Your email should be like this:


You only need to register in our affiliate center, then you will get an affiliate link & code,you can promote it all your friends.

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  • If your friend buy any products from us via your link or code, you can get 10% commission of his order amount.
  • If your friend sell any products to us via your link or code, you can get 5% commission of his sell amount.
  • If your customers use the coupon, you will receive a 5% commission of his order amount.
  • visitor goes to your website
  • clicks your affiliate link
  • makes a purchase
  • you earn up to 10% commission